A new day, a new adventure

It’s 8.14am here and I am wide awake, had a shower, and had brekkie consisting of yoghurt.  See miracles do happen. Off to track down an iron today that doesn’t cost 60 to 70 euros; as half my clothes look like they have had a one on one collision with a mangle. Then we are going to scope out where Scott’s new job is, all I know is it is close to a river.

It only took us forty minutes to find the spectacular which is where Scott’s new workplace is based. And oh my god it’s amazing. All around typical French olden style buildings then you turn a corner and there is an architectural masterpiece of mirrored buildings in a circular type of space. Just over the road you can just about see a view of the river. So I knew where I was going next; to walk alongside the river. It was beautiful with different architecture and boats to look at. We stopped off at a playground for Ashton to play. This was amazing seeing him laughing and smiling. We also saw a pretty neat skate park. Automatically I said to Ashton “No, and if you did you would be wrapped in bubble wrap.”  As we walked along there were three different skate packs for different levels. Then we found the shopping district as we worked further. I found the one; an iron (A limited edition pearl Tefal steam one.)

The next thing on our agenda was some more food and cleaning supplies from Aldi. But we were walking in a direction we hoped was the right way and ended up at Aldi. Yesterday it took us ages to find and today we found it by pure luck. Aldi is smaller than the ones in England. They don’t have my yoghurts. Actually they didn’t have barely any of the products that we are accustomed  to. But the plus side you can buy some cheap food here. I tried to buy some dilute juice, but they don’t seem to sell it. Well if they do we can’t work out which is which.  So after carrying all our bags home, eating tea, and writing this I am crashing out as I am sleepy. The weather is lovely today. I start home schooling Ashton tomorrow. It’s going to be challenging as I want to just have fun, and I am a bit of a push over. I know I am going to have to stick to a plan and not let him talk me into going on computers. We have decided to have subjects: French, English, Maths, Photography, Sport, Food Prep, ICT and Singing.  Scott starts his job also.


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