Spillage on aisle trois

Spillage on aisle trois, well a blob of blue stuffs anyway that is disguised as laundry gel on the outside and toilet cleaner on the inside. So we didn’t end up buying that one. Glad I did the sniffer test beforehand.

Last night I emailed a school for Ashton. I hope one that this isn’t a private school and expect us to pay up to 15,000 euros a year like all the others.  Secondly that they accept Ashton as this is a perfect school with a French program integrated for newbies.  I also found from where we are whichever school Ashton ends up going to is miles and miles away from where we are staying. Note to self, move closer to the schools once we move from this apartment hotel.  We played charades before Ashton went to bed, and learnt a little French. The French learning was very let’s say, it’s going to be a challenge for the three of us.

Just a thought! You know how hard it is to walk past a Japanese restaurant every day and not go in. The will power, the will power! The French sure love their sushi they have places that sell it everywhere. Nom nom nom.

Oh and another thought I not seen one single beret yet, kind of disappointed.  I expected to see many artists painting the lake wearing berets, striped t-shirts, a necktie in red of course, and a garlic garland round their neck. Well maybe not the garlic round the neck *sniggers*.

So what is your take on men and umbrellas? I think it doesn’t matter, it is better than getting soaked. In England you don’t see men with brollies that often, but here the French love their brollies and it seems bigger is better. Scott does not agree with having one, he say’s it’s girly to have one. Meh what will I do with him hey.

I woke in the night to use the bathroom and as I sat on the loo a spider, I mean a spider the size of a tarantula quickly approached me, and there was nothing I could do. It followed me into the living room, yes followed I am not even kidding. I went into the kitchen to get a box to put it in and when I went back into the living room it was gone. So now with wary eyes we are living with a crawler that makes my skin crawl literally.

Today Scott is so nervous to start is new job, he tested out the new iron and it works beautifully. I am nervous for Scott to start work today, I really am.

The rest of the day I will be home schooling Ashton.  Update on the schooling Ashton, he did fantastic. Learning some french, English, Maths, Tai Chi, Photography and reading.  this is a couple of poems he wrote:


How I Feel


Moving to Bordeaux

Making me feel happy

With my mum and dad




Beautiful wine that I cannot drink

Over the lake is making me blink

Roads with immense trams

Drivers I don’t understand

E.Lecerc with lots of stuff

And then it got tough

Useless we were we lost our way

Xanthic I felt but only this day.


Scott emailed me briefly he is doing fine in his new job, just a little overwhelmed and overloaded with information. I cannot wait til he is home it has been so strange not having him around.


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