Rough night last night

Last night I was feeling so poorly, seems my hip has a swollen lump on it. I hate fibromyalgia big time today. *Grinning and bearing it*

Today Ashton and I are going on an adventure. We will probably walk for hours, not knowing where we are going, then find it a nightmare to find our way back home. It’s Scott’s second day at work.

Today was a total disaster due to having a 60 euro bill to pay. So I thought anyway. But my hubby knows exactly what to say to turn any situation around. At least I have a gynecologist now, when I need him that speaks English well enough to understand what I am going on about. I guess in this transition we are going to face some obstacles. Note to myself do not do anything to do with medical stuffs until I know more about insurance and costs.

I asked Ashton if he wants to go back to England and he said “Never, but he does miss his friends.” Bless him.

We went to Lidl today we bought some yummy foods. Brioche the size of two English loaves of bread, some weird juice, some crisps that tasted healthy, and er… a choccy bar! But me and Ashton did share it. So I was good there!

We were both exhausted after the walk and our feast, we had a nap. My nap turned into a full on sleep and I woke as Scott came in from work; oops!

Sorry Scott and family if you are reading this, but you know me by now I speak my mind. Well this isn’t technically speaking but typing my mind. The men are pretty nice looking in this country. So single friends are welcome hehe! Of course non single ones are invited. It’s always nice to have a little eye candy.


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