Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you tomorrow hehe!

Last night I asked Scott what shall we do this weekend, his response was to go to Lidl. Then he said something about a list and that’s about as far as we got.

Today me and Ashton walked Scott to work, so we could talk to the lady in the HR, she was very helpful. She somewhat put my mind at ease about this whole health care stuff. The weather today was gorgeous. I have literally been wiping sweat off my face. If it is like this tomorrow me and Ashton need to get out the sun tan cream.

We sat in the park for what seemed hours. Ashton played; I listened to music, and just enjoyed the views and the sunshine. Ashton played with some French kids. It was lovely seeing him with other kids, even though he couldn’t understand a word they were saying. The lady who was with the young girl asked if we wanted to go with them to the fountains, but we had our own agenda today, but I thought that was so kind of them.

Then we went to a quaint café, Ashton had ice-cream. I ordered in French, well kind of. I mixed up pineapple and banana though even though looking back that is a silly mistake.

We went back to the park for a short while then decided to go for a walk. The architecture here is phenomenal; really beautiful and detailed. We firstly came across what appeared to be a giant cork with many designs on it. It was very impressive from a distance. Closer up the cork was made from thousands of different shades of corks to create the pictures. Hoping this is still there tomorrow so I can take my camera. Then we walked further and saw a large fountain area was occupied with children playing and laughing. So the plan is to take Ashton there tomorrow. There are many roads with rows upon rows of fascinating architecture and shops to look at.

The best experience today I’d say was when we sat down and had a snack of crisps a tiny bird flew next to us, so I started feeding it and so did Ashton. For some reason this bird trusted us because the bird came closer and closer to us and eventually was eating out of my hand. I was slightly emotional, I admit that. Ashton was just overwhelmed and amazed.

We met Scott for his lunch break. He bought his lunch with a voucher thing from work. We went back to the park, we ate, we fed a pigeon I named Dave (Scott named him Pierre, so he is called Dave). We walked round to see the pretty church it looks pretty from the outside. Ashton thought it was hilarious to call it Hogwarts.

Erm….what else happened today, let me think! Oh I nearly choked to death when Ashton said wouldn’t it be funny if that guy fell in the river I was like , what guy then looked where he was pointing to and a guy was walking along the top of the barrier alongside the river. So yes it would have been funny, but not a polite reaction nor a nice thing to say in the first place.

We then walked home, we were supposed to go pay this 60 euro bill thing, but Ashton wasn’t feeling well.

It’s hard adjusting to life in France but I am happy.


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