Feeling Green

The weekend was spent in bed, frequent visits to the bathroom and an ironing session with the new iron (which is just fab!) Scott and Ashton cleaned and did the shopping and went on walks both days. They brought back nom nom foods even though I felt too ill to enjoy properly. When the boys weren’t out they were chilling with their computers.

Today is Monday and I spent the morning teaching Ashton English, French & Maths. He is doing really well. The things he is struggling with in Maths er…holds head in complete utter shame, I am struggling with also. Not even going to say what the questions are because they are basic and embarrassing Scott is sure going to have a laugh at me when he gets home.

We then wished my mum Happy Birthday. Ashton sang to her over Skype. I love her and miss her so much.

There is a break through though for the past few years I developed an allergy against washing up liquid. Many of said this is brilliant and laughed as I get out of washing up. I have seen it as a curse as you use washing up liquid for practically everything. Over the years in England I have tried everything from Fairy to Aldi’s own brand and all ended the same result: Red swollen hands, swollen lips and tongue, and feeling like I am going to pass out. I thought I’d try the washing up liquid left for us in our apartment hotel even though Scott was shouting at me not to. Guess what? No blisters, no swelling, no reaction; result!! Just need to find out where the hotel buys this from now.

I guess when you are surrounded by something every day you take it for granted. I know it’s only been just over a week, but there is so much I already miss, crave, want to hug and feel lonely without. Here is just some of the things in no particular order:

*Mum, Dad, Sister, Niece, Nephew. Just miss them every single day xxx

* I miss the way Echo is so dipsy all the time. The way Angel always looks stoned. The way Rikku gives you the look of affection, or like something she has threw up (The Cats).

* I miss Leo & Piper (The Tortoises), not the noise that they make, but miss them out in the garden.

*Looking into Mums fish tank, watching the fish dart around with their silly faces.
*My other family and friends the ones I love and care for you know who you are.

* Hot chocolate!!!! I am so picky I love Aldi own brand. Aldi do not sell this here! Grrrr and all the other hot chocolate looks strange. I just can’t bring myself to even try to drink it. One step at a time I guess. I will be back in the UK in September; do you think border patrol will stop me for having a suitcase of hot chocolate? That is something I am seriously going to have to look into.

* I miss talking to random people. I mean I can do it here but most of them don’t speak English and when we try to converse in French it just gets complicated and both parties end up laughing. The French are lovely people. The ones I have met so far anyway.

* I miss adults. Yeah I have Scott on an evening and I have everyone on Facebook and Skype, but I am spending every day with a nine year old. I love him to bits but I need some girl time. I really do!! Really thinking of putting an ad somewhere “Young lady requires friend for at least two hours a week, for binge drinking and shopping, must speak English, must understand crazy and must be outgoing” Is it too much to ask? Okay I am trying to make myself look good aren’t I? The ad if I was ever sad enough to do one would go like this “A 30 something year old English woman, New to Bordeaux, seeking just friendship, with English speaking people” Wallah!! Of course it would be in French.

* I miss my bed. But I got a feeling it’s not going to make the journey to France as the mattress is kind of not doing too well. So a new comfy bed I think will be on the horizon.
* I miss fast internets because I can’t watch anything  and I can’t play some of my facebook games like Uno and buzzy answer those question game (can’t remember what it actually is called but this is close enough).

* I miss proper Pizza. Here you eat something bad even croissants and chocolate spread for dinner and it feels healthy, not even kidding, and I don’t get it, I really don’t. When we had a pizza takeaway the pizza was on the thinnest crisp bread ever, the cheese was practically on my hand. It tasted nice though. But you know when you just want a fat day and want to pig out? Yeah not going to happen here! Everything is tasty and filling. I guess it is kind of a good thing because I will lose weight, which yes I really need to do. The fruit here tastes delicious so far we have had strawberries, apples and golden prunes and even Ashton is eating them in abundance.

To be continued…


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