Grinning from here to there

Decided to not continue with what I miss, but to tell you all about our fantastic day. Me and Ashton decided to try out yet another route to meet Scott at lunch. Before we met up with Scott we walked along the river. One minute it was warm, next minute it was raining. I was taking my coat on and off more than a whore’s knickers. We sat and ate ice cream. I thought it was hilarious he wasn’t allowed to order rum and raisin flavour due to the alcohol content.

At lunch I expected to go sit in the park and watch Ashton play in the playground. Scott had other ideas we walked a bit. I had no idea where we going to go. What came into view first were some black gates beautifully decorated with golden detail. Inside the gates a park, so immense, so beautiful, I became slightly overwhelmed and emotional.

The first thing we saw was a beautiful carousel surrounded by greenery. The carousel automatically made me think of a horror film setting with a derelict carousel. My imagination started running wild. Ashton had a ride on the carousel and it was just precious; magical in fact.

The trees, flowers, ponds, wildlife, buildings, scenery was just beautiful we will definitely be regular visitors to the Jardin Public. The birds are very friendly here; they do not seem fazed at all by human interaction.

By time we got home our feet were killing us. My feet were extra killing me because I was wearing stupid not for Bordeaux boots.  I love wearing boots and this type of weather and terrain is a no go with them. So I washed my feet in the bath and our taps got one of those things were you pull or push for the shower to come on. I can never remember so when I turned it on. So I kind of climbed in the bath and ended up taking a shower with my clothes on. This was very funny afterwards but not at the time because I slipped and nearly smashed my head on the sink unit.

I took some gorgeous photographs that I will add later.

Today I am just going through photographs, teaching Ashton and lounging about a bit. So there is not much to talk about really. It is weird however having a cleaner, she is here right now. A girl could get use to that. I have not had to deep clean the bathroom once yet. I am sat here wondering if she is going to take my toilet roll that I purchased this time, because last time they took half of an unfinished roll. I know silly of me I think it’s my OCD kicking in.

I am just glad I look old enough to eat rum and raisin ice cream because that would be a tragedy if I couldn’t.


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