Random Ramblings about the last few days


You know when you’ve been tangoed. Well that was my thought yesterday when I walked into the medical center with Scott and Ashton and saw the bright orange chairs. Ashton thought they looked like the inside of a Jaffa Cake, that are screaming because someone is about to eat them. Picture to follow. The French guys in the waiting room must have thought we were kind of weird laughing so much and taking a photograph of a chair.

We also went into a estate agent. I left kind of embarrassed because sweating and faux leather is not a good combination.

Haha! Scott was spraying some deodorant before we left the house yesterday Ashton put is arms up to be sprayed too. Ashton then said “I smell man” and now me and Scott are teasing him saying he said he smells men, because it sure did sound like he said that.

After Scott went to work me and Ashton were on a mission to find an umbrella and face wash. I over spent. Erm…about three times the amount I should have. But ah well lovely brolly, and amazing face wash. It just meant we had FOUR euros to get the groceries in, but my epic shopping skills I did It.: ten croissants, a can of tuna and some milk. But me being me did not realise we didn’t even own a can opener, and there wasn’t one in the apartment hotel. So that was an epic fail!

I know I mentioned it previously about when I visit churches/cathedral, that they do not agree with me. Well it happened again. As I was walking round the cathedral, or was it just a really big church. Anyway! I started to feel sick, dizzy and a headache began; I nearly ended up passing out. Once I departed the architectural beauty, the headache did not pass. I felt less dizzy. By time I got home I was completely wiped out and feeling so low. There is more to this story as this cannot be blamed on anxiety, fear or any medical condition. This has happened so many times over my lifetime. The easy answer is for me to just stay away from these places, but me being me I am curious to why I feel like this. Is somebody trying to contact me? I do believe in the spiritual realm, as I am a spiritualist by nature. I decided to seek help as I do feel I cannot just leave this be. So I am going to speak to a psychic. Plus I contacted Psychic Sally, but whether she gets back to me, that is another story.

Oh and me and Ashton were too close to not being with you all. We were nearly hit by a tram. My fault as I was stood on the tram lines map reading. Luckily saw it in time and dived out the way.

So to sum the day up: Jaffa Tango, Sweat, Epic Fail! Crazy go nuts and near death experience. Other than that the day was just peachy and the weather was beautiful. Of course it didn’t rain, because it never does when I am carrying an umbrella with me. You wait for the moment I forget it!


Meant to tell everyone my new exciting discovery, that is probably not new and definitely not exciting. Ladies I found something that gets rid of stretch marks. Yes really, I did and it works. I will not show you the evidence because one it would be classed as pornographic and two you’d throw up. Anyway the stuff is E45 shower cream. I bought it for Ashton to use as he really suffers with bad dry skin and Scott said I should try it as my folly-do-dah condition has been acting up a little bit. So I did and the result less stretch marks and softer skin. Win win!!

We are learning, but not fast enough especially today in Lidl me and Ashton got a little flustered. You have to be a super packer when you have got a hand basket as you can’t take it with you past the till. The lady in front of us quickly emptied her trolley so we could use it, bless her. The massive queue behind us were smiling but not with bitterness but with understanding. I was still embarrassed that I acted so scatter brain like though.

So much funny stuff to tell where do I start? Escargot or as us Brits know them as snails. The thought of eating those makes me feel physically sick and that is even before I became a vegetarian. So on our way back from shopping today, which is also bin day, we saw overflowing empty snail shells. There must have been about fifty of them. I said to Ashton “Someone had a feast last night” Ashton said “Nooo they could have put salt in the shells and they could have shriveled up to nothing.” I teased him and said they were eaten, and he said that is gross, and tried to change the subject. I carried on teasing him saying that the burger he had yesterday was in fact a snail burger and he was like nooo it wasn’t and I was like oh yes it was haha! I know I am so cruel to my child. All good fun though and he was laughing.

Also I was playing eye spy and not paying attention I ended up tripping over, but remained standing kind of. In England people would have been laughing their heads off; here they looked sorry for me. I don’t know which scenario I’d prefer.

I think France has made me more accident prone, dippier or is it I just never noticed before. By the way that is not a question for people to answer as I may take offence haha!

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend. All I know as for plans for the weekend is that we are going to be apartment hunting and doing some laundry, proper hard core exciting stuff.


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