Even in my state I can’t complain! But I will because I can :P

It was lovely having Scott home for the long weekend, with Monday being a French holiday. Daft I know, but I miss him when he is at work. I feel a little lost. Each day I am finding more and more things to do! I found a French Endometriosis support group, just hoping I can communicate with them hehe! I also found a women’s group that I will be able to join in September.

Saturday we woke early to go on a walk to the lake and to the shopping area, which includes Auchan. When we got there we found out there were many many shops also including Toys R Us and Ikea (jumps around for joy literally.) Our first stop though was the lake and oh my gosh it was stunning! The trees, the water, the mini beach, the children’s playground. It was like a little piece of paradise only thing was it was so full of kids and I think they were doing some sort of film shoot there, so we quickly browsed round and sneaked past.

We visited Toys R Us first to buy Ashton a football; an overpriced one that I find later can be bought for only two euro’s at Auchan, but never mind he is happy and that is the main thing. Then we spent an epic two hours in Ikea. We chose our sofa, a bed for Ashton, a cabinet for all our DVD’s and Books, and ideas of pretty much everything else that we would need for our apartment. Exciting times! A bit gutted that Scott doesn’t want the pink sofa it’s a nice shade of pink. We even managed to have a little something to munch, well me and Ashton shared a cheesy pizza and Scott had a hotdog, and for afters we had tasty bread thingies. Oh the thing with Ikea though is once you are in its hard to get out again; it’s like a labyrinth. The designers of this shop did a clever job because you are forced to look at everything from beds to toilet brushes before you find your way to the exit. Cheap food at the exit is like heaven because anybody would work up an appetite after two hours of browsing. Oh my! What is it going to be like when we are actually buying? That will be a fun; we may have to have lunch and tea there.

Auchan I love the idea of, but in reality my senses were so overly not indulged, but slowly choked and then towards the ends quickly humiliated. Fish, meat and cheese everywhere I looked. I couldn’t find anything I wanted, where is the vegetarian food peoples??! I miss Quorn. It seems that the French do not cater very well for vegetarians in the supermarkets. I saw Tofu, Tofu and pasta, cheese, cheese and pasta and nutty stuffs! That is about it! I must do some more looking around. At least one thing I’m losing weight, healthy eating and all. Scott thought it would be a good idea to use the self checky out thingies, never ever ever again! Every other item the red light flashed, put the stuff in the checking area, take it out, put it in, take it out times a hundred times. I was pulling my hair out! Then I packed the bags quickly as everyone was staring at us, like we were aliens from another planet. Guess what the red light goes off and the machine says put all your stuff back in the bagging area. I could not believe this just our luck. We left Auchan vowing never to return, well I did at least. Oh by the way Auchan is a supermarket if you didn’t already guess that.

Sunday Scott visited the washing machine, and I had developed a too personal relationship with the sofa bed and the bathroom. I hate you body! That is all I am going to say about that matter.

Monday was a bank holiday over here in France, what we were expecting big parades, big celebrations, lots of happy people, fireworks, yummy foods, and free stuffs hehe! Turns out we were in the wrong place; it was all happening in Paris. Never mind we had such a wonderful day anyway.

We walked along the river until we came to what we called the mirrors. I will find out the French name for it! It’s basically water flowing across the pavement. It is really beautiful. Many children and adults walk through and play with excitement. I had a wander through, trying not to get caught when the fountains set off, which I never. The motion of the water caused my feet to feel like they were being massaged it was heavenly. I can’t wait to go back, but next time wearing more suitable attire. We also saw a little bird enjoying the water; the pictures even though not fantastic in quality are just precious. Miroir D’eau it is called so Mirror Water or Water Mirror, whatever it is called it is a superb design. We walked for miles that day, taking everything in, enjoying the architecture and nature that surrounded us.

Our final stop was Jardin public. The more times I visit this place, the more I am in awe of how beautiful nature is. We had our picnic, Ashton played football, I took photographs of everything. I had an amazing day, with my beautiful family.


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