Thank you to Villager Jim, you rock!

I had the courage to say thank you to a photographer that in my eyes is just fantastic. I look at his work in complete awe. His work makes me smile and inspires me. His work was what got me back into photography. After having a rough time with illnesses like Endometriosis and Fibromylgia, confidence lacking also, I pretty much gave up on photography even though I had this passion for more than half my life. I am no way pushing to be a professional, I am not trying to impress anybody, I am my own critique, but at the end of the day that spark is back and I love it! Also for those who know me you know I have a massive phobia of birds, especially flying birds, especially birds up close and personal. I have never wanted my son to pick up on my phobias so over the years I have tried, but there has been too many times to count where I have ran into a shop, or nearly into someone because a pigeon came near me. Or I have  been too close to a panic attack during a bird show at some amusement park, or zoo type place. Well since seeing the beauty of the shots that Villager Jim catches of the birds I wanted to do that too, get closer! I always liked taking pictures of birds but these were usually not wild birds. So over time I have been taking more and more pictures of birds, feeding the birds. I am not going to say I am completely cured of my phobia, because I sometimes skitter when I am caught off guard but I can say it is no longer a phobia. Anyway this is his facebook page:


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