Complete plonker!

Today is Monday, and I woke in a muddle. As we left the supermarket I realised I had left the phone at home, meaning we did not have a clue what time it was. Yes, because even though over my life span I have had many many watches bought for me for some reason I end up never using them.  We decided to carry on. Later on I realised I had put my phone in a different pocket in my handbag than I usually do. Facepalm indeed!  The reason I went to the supermarket in the first place was to buy some bread and what did I forget when we were sitting down to have our picnic lunch, the knife and cheese to put in the bread to make a sandwich. Doh!  So a typical British thing to do was to have a crisp butty, nom nom nom. I just wished we had some ketchup!

After dinner we went to bank to see if our account was sorted and they wouldn’t give us any free monies either. Nasty French man! Boo hoo!

Scott left for work as we entered the circus entrance (more information about this in my next blog). Before heading home we visited the massive water fountain. It was so beautiful with water spraying from different part of the naked statues. To be honest we were more fascinated with the water than the statues.  Next time I must take my camera as my phone died whilst I was in hell, I mean looking round the circus.

I nearly died on the way home, no not literally, just that I showed how unfit I was. I could see people passing by and in their cars watching us. Probably wondering what a crazy woman I was as I raced Ashton down the street.


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