Well logic got the better of me today or I got the better of logic. I don’t really remember all I know is I had ice cream and my brain hurts now and not from brain freeze. Boules doesn’t mean bowls it means scoops and even though I asked for exactly the same what we had last time but a different flavour for Ashton we weren’t allowed because we wanted an extra bowl or bol as they call it in French.  So we ended up having the same amount of ice cream in one bowl and paying two euro less, so in a nutshell they were expecting us to pay two extra euro just for a tiny bowl.  So for five euro you could get three scoops, and for six euros you could get four scoops, but if I were to have two bowls each with a scoop of ice cream in it would cost a total of six euros. Sorry but this just about broke my brain.

We then met Scott at the playground and met the crazy French man who was feeding the pigeons. I also was feeding the pigeons and the little birds too. To the side of him was a pushchair which carried his shopping bag. I didn’t think much of that really. I guess I find it the norm people being a little out there, a little strange.  What did have me in utter tears of laughter obviously not in front of this fine fella. I did not want to appear to be disrespectful. In French the man said that the pigeons do not understand English.

After dinner in the playground and seeing Dave the pigeon which Scott still says is Pierre after a bridge or something. He is called Dave! Final! Honestly my poor baby is going to get so confused.  Husband is on his last chance before being banned from the playground.  Oh my I just re-read that and that sounded kind of Fifty Shades, if you know what I mean. Anyway let’s not go there.

We left the playground and walked and walked some more. I felt like we were walking across a desert, it was so hot! There were no shops to be seen. We were in desperate need of water. I was feeling like I wouldn’t make it. Until like a mirage out of nowhere a shop appeared, and the hubby, my saviour saved us from dehydration. I am not being dramatic at all, this is a true story, it really happened!

As I crawled along the pavement to the first house we were looking at I didn’t care if it was covered in gold, it was a no. It was too far away from everything I had fell in love with; the river, the park, the playground. I have no idea the expression on my face when I walked in, but if it was anything like what was going through my mind, then oh dear.  You could imagine one being dragged there, raped and murdered, it looked like a horror house. It was scary. It was dingy, dirty, and tiny. There was no glass in the windows, only wooden shutters. The kitchen only contained a sink. The house was so bizzare and you would have to walk through one room to get to another which is just unpractical.  Every time I think about this place I feel sick. So that was a no, straight away. No, no, no and a no. I couldn’t believe they wanted 650 euros for the place. I wouldn’t sleep there for free, or even if I was paid to. I love horror, but there is cool horror and there is just oh no way horror and that’s what it was.

The next house wasn’t much better. There was a little more in the kitchen; a red shelf.  The bathroom looked nice, but what was with the size of the bath? I am only 5ft and this bath was too small for me to stretch out in. Who uses bidets? I thought I knew what they were for to wash your bits after going to the toilet, but the toilet wasn’t even in the same room. I was very confused.  What put me off the apartment is the toilet I know is sometimes called a closet but the toilet door matched the closet doors. I just imagined someone, not me of course, but someone going to the toilet amongst my shoes.

I liked the location as it was near the magical park that I love. The lady explained to us that after the landlord would put new windows in, he wouldn’t be prepared to do a lot more work. Looking around, pointing out this handle is loose; she said he probably would leave that. I panicked a little, it brought back memories of when I got stuck in the toilet and the door had to be kicked in. So that place was a no also.

Scott began to panic as our options were very limited with our budget and the fact that we did not have a French guarantor. I was feeling at a loss because I knew the last apartment of the day looked somewhat like a council block of flats from the google map perspective. So in my head it was already a no. I was about to be proved that the statement “Never judge a book by its cover,” also applies to apartments. The work to the apartment was lovely, and the area was really nice too.  I love the fact that there is a school so close to the apartment its three minutes away.  There is also a lovely grassy area, with trees and benches behind the building and it’s all safe and nice and pretty and I love’s it.  Scott and Ashton were sold just by the garden. I was kind of er….I don’t know yet we will have to see. We met with the landlady but the lady helping us relocate had not arrived yet.  That is when I felt totally crushed, somebody else was viewing the apartment. With demon dagger eyes of death I willed them to not take my apartment, yes it was my apartment now. I decided there and then I wanted it as I felt gutted they were there. So all the time they were viewing I was like well if we want it we will have to fight for it, knowing in fact we would just mutter remarks under our breath and smile nicely to their faces. We never even saw them leave. We already were shown the cellar type storage thingy and the shed thingy we would have.  Then I walked into the kitchen first, not really looking at the kitchen, but looking at the balcony attached to the patio. The view was just wow.  I turned round had a quick look at the fitted kitchen and said in a high screechy voice “We will take it!” Everyone laughed! I best look around the rest of the place I said to them.  So I looked into the combo living dining area with its white floor tiles and balcony view I was in awe. Already deciding what we could put where. The bedrooms were nice enough. One had fitted wardrobes and the other was large enough to fit a double bed.  The bathroom I was a little disappointed with as it lacked a bath. Since moving to France my health has improved in some respects, plus we needed to save money. So was a bath really essential! I decided no! So now we have an apartment and we move in the end of August. I cannot wait!

We all found the day quite tiring and overwhelming. We did not expect to find an apartment today. We didn’t expect to find a place that we actually liked. We thought we would just have to settle with whatever. Whatever would have been better than nowhere I guess.

We had a pretty lazy time over the weekend. We did a bit of laundry and shopping. Me and Scott then browsed the net for furniture but that is about it.  Back in England I use to dread the next day when I had plans, but now I greet them with arms wide open.


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