Jelly Fish & The Giant Duck

Tuesday was a blur I can’t even remember what we did, but it probably included food, drink and facebook. Erm….maybe I was abducted by aliens for the day? The cleaner never came I know that because I was like dam I’m going to miss having a cleaner. It is really great not having to scrub the bathroom or mop the floors, or change the sheets.  A looooong sigh!



Anyway, Wednesday, we were walking to meet Scott for lunch. We walked past a very cool shop that was selling tropical fish of the coolest kind.  If I had the money, patience and the know how I most certainly would of bought one of everything from this cool little treasure trove. Like a kid in an un-edible candy shop; jumping up and down. They had jelly fish, real jelly fish! Imagine that, having jelly fish as a pet. So unbelievably cool!! And you wouldn’t need a night light.

Ashton really loved it! He thought it was like going to an aquarium, just a mini experience. He really wants a jelly fish as a pet now. We shall see!

I just found their facebook page. I didn’t even realise they sell other things also. My eyes are wide open now. What a cool place for fish and critters.



Next we went to a place called Espace Designs. They work alongside amazing artists and designers to create the most amazing quirkiest designs I have ever seen. Many of their items on sale are multi-purpose. They can be left alone as an art piece or used as a functional piece of furniture.

I FOUND NARNIA! Well I didn’t but it looks as big as the wardrobe used in the Narnia  films and just as beautiful. Everywhere I turned there was something to look at. Me and Ashton treat the gallery like we were in some sort of Honey I Shrunk the Kids type of scenario.  We had so much fun!, We couldn’t stop laughing. Ashton chose a chair he wants. I chose a table I want. We both chose a giant duck we are never going to be able to have. I know for one thing for sure we will buy something quirky from there just because one simply must. Another thing is certain this is the place where dreams are life size, art becomes functional and now is mashed with then and you know what I love it!

I am going to be dedicating a blog post next week, as we will have the opportunity to take photos of the work, with my little model Ashton.  Of course I will try to be on my best behaviour and be sensible and take professional shots. I am not going to show you any photographs from their website or leave a link just yet as I want you all to be surprised by the shoot next week.


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