A whole lot of update from Thursday til Nowish!

Thursday was good in some respects. I left the apartment full of hope and creativity. Me and Ashton both had our cameras.

Soon as I got to the park I needed the loo. I have a bladder like an elderly lady or a pregnant lady but I am neither, nor both as that would be strange. So we went to the toilet in the park. Not actually in the park as that would be illegal, but I may as well as done that as I would have felt more comfortable. They were closed and weren’t due to open for another hour. I could have cried, because the other alternative was to use the unisex toilet, which an adult could just about fit into. Sorry men, but oh my god I hate using unisex toilet’s they are disgusting! I tried to open the door and it wouldn’t work, it said it was engaged. So we assumed there was someone in there. We waited ages. So we decided to try the restaurant that was close by. So like all parents I pretended Ash needed to go so they would take more pity. They said we could go, but it would cost two euros, or we had to buy something. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but I forgot to pick up some money and I only had just over a euro on me. I explained that we only had one euro, that the toilets were closed and that the other toilet was not opening for us. They still said no. I was like seriously you are not going to let a child use the bathroom, they still said no. So on my way out giving the staff a look of disgust. I asked one member of staff what this place is called, and she told me, I said thank you and that I wanted to know because I wanted to make note of what place me, my family and friends will avoid from now on. This place by the way is called L’orangerie de Bordeaux (https://www.facebook.com/LorangerieDeBordeaux?fref=ts) It does look a really pretty place and I was wanting to go with Scott and Ashton once we started getting paid, but not now, never! Also a note to all my friends and family who visit me here: we are never going there!

So I ended up going back to the loo in the park. Hovering over the toilet seat, I was thankful I had lost the extra weight, and thankful that I wasn’t carrying a pregnant tummy. No offense to anyone that is bigger or pregnant though. It’s just that if I  was i’d get stuck in there. And what if I was on my own oh I dread to think. Even if I wasn’t scared of being locked in I would have had the door open a little anyway. I felt like I was in a coffin! two days of sickness and a flare of existing medical conditions I had to cope with.

Even though I was upset, I saw it was making Ashton upset. Refusing to let anyone ruin our day we took out our cameras, walked around the park, took some pictures and fed the birds. At the time it was annoying, but on the way home I realised I have a very special, intelligent, sensible, mature boy. I am so very proud of him. I climbed over the barrier at the park and sat with the birds, yes me, the one who use to have a phobia, sat among the birds, taking photographs.  Passers-by looked at me gone out and Ashton was overly concerned that I was going to get into trouble and banned from the park.

On the way home I thought it would be a good idea to try and register with a doctor. How wrong was I! I should have just carried on walking. Instead I walked to the reception and talk to the nice receptionist. She didn’t understand English very well, but she was trying and she was nice enough. I was trying to explain that we just want to be put on their list. We didn’t want to see a doctor just yet, as we know we have to pay and at the moment we are living on little money. The doctor who came to the reception was having none of it, he said you don’t pay, you don’t register. It is strange how the system works over here you have to pay for medical stuff like seeing the doctor and for prescriptions up front, then later claim it back from insurance and something to do with social security. It has all confused my brain. I am leaving it to Scott to sort, he say’s for me not to worry and it will all be okay.  I am not going back to this surgery though, as I found this doctor to be very abrupt and rude. He didn’t seem to care. Many times whilst I was talking he cut in and talked to the receptionist about something else. I was like I will see another doctor it doesn’t matter. I admit I cried all the way back to our hotel room and I was emotional for the rest of the night.

On Friday we didn’t really do much, the day was very similar to Monday. It went as fast as it came. Ashton did do some tests for English and Maths though and he did brilliant. He did eight tests and got three 9/10 and the rest 10/10. He is doing so well. Super proud mum alert!!!!

Yesterday we went and did our weekly shop at Aldi. We bought some yummy healthy foods and some not so healthy but yummy foods.  The big thing about moving to a new place is the availability of the products that your body and skin react well with. This is difficult here! We had to buy a different brand of shampoo today, hoping it doesn’t make my head itch, and skin itch. I managed to find a face wash that is good. It just costs about five times more than my old face wash.  Anyway there are some bright paper plates. They have the biggest smiley face on them. I am hoping they are there when we go shopping next week as they are so funny and I have an idea for them. Even shopping is fun for the Latham family. Whilst we were waiting to pay for our purchases there is a stand with children’s books. I picked up a book for a toddler. Ashton was laughing at the fact I was looking puzzled, because I had no idea what it said. I got Ashton a French revision school book containing many different subjects. That is a job for Monday.

Ashton did some more Maths tests today, he is doing really well. Tomorrow he is going to be doing some more Maths just to go over all the pages to see if he really understands it all. Afterward he is going to go onto completing all the English tests.

I finally gave in and got Ashton one of those scooter things with two foot things and you wriggle when you move. Oh my I have no idea what they are called. And I am just going to stop trying to describe it as I am just making it worse for myself. Plus I ordered some things which we need for the apartment like pans, crockery and a shower curtain etc. All reds and purples my fave colours yipeee!!

Today I am just writing and photo editing. I have got so much to do. I have been slacking and it doesn’t help that I keep getting new ideas. I am setting tasks for myself though, to finish things I have started and I have lists, erm….many many lists. If I feel up to it and the boys are feeling up to it may go to the lake I feel like going swimming. I will have to scrap the lake idea for today as I am in bed not feeling well. Stupid body!


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