A week of not updating as I have felt blah! So here is some total randomness of what has happened so far

 On Monday we met Scott for lunch. I think we ate in the park. It rained a little bit; the week’s been pretty dark.

Tuesday I felt so sick. I could not move an inch. I tried to find a doctor he simply was not in. We also met Scott for lunch as we had to go to the bank, it is weird working in euros now but it’s better than working in francs.

Wednesday- I felt so sick; I could not move an inch. I tried to find a doctor he simply was not in. Scott phoned and made an appointment for me that same very night. So I dragged my aching body through the streets with all my might. An amazing doctor he simply was to my very own relief, and understood my pain and suffering simply beyond belief.  Before the appointment the Jardin Public we wandered through, a man we met and we spoke too. He was feeding the birds sweet bread and leaves, he wanted to speak to us he said pretty please. His English was fluent; his passion was  immerse, for the man in the park who talks to the birds.  He gave us advice to not give them bread, but to give them Brioche this will not kill them instead. That a bird picks you and you do not pick them and they trust you like a surrogate mother hen. So I fed the duck by hand, I was scared, but the man said young girl they are not to be feared. Give them a little and they will only nip, give them a big bit and they will take like a whip.  Onlookers watched with their judgemental eyes. I am glad I stopped and heard what this man had to say as we said our goodbyes.

On Thursday we went out once only to buy some food, and then we went back home and busied ourselves dependant on our mood.

Friday came with a sense of melancholy. I was sad because old time and what they meant to me. I’d lost my Nan in circumstance many years ago, and this was the anniversary of that time.  I’m finding it hard now to rhyme! The last images of her time never pass from my mind.

As my world is ever changing and you are nowhere to be seen.
I often sense you with me, I see you in my dreams.
I know you have seen Scott & Ash and know what they mean to me.
I know you know about my past and know I soon will be free.
I shed the tears for you dear nan, wishing you would hold my hand,
I shed the tears for you dear nan, I know you understand.
For you meant the world to me and still do all the time
And I know one day I will forever be by your side.

Me and Ash were meant to feast upon a buffet all you can eat, but we were wrong we were mistaken. But defeat we will not be! We went to Simply market and bought many foods, we took it all back home and devoured we did do! The smiles upon Ashton’s face said it all, as we feasted upon it all, our faces glowing, our bellies showing we needed to rest. I lay upon the bed to nap and slept for many hours.

On Saturday it rained all day, on and off, off and on, umbrella up, umbrella down, smack Scott in the head, puddles on the ground, soggy feet, soggy hair. You know what? I don’t care. It is rain that is so warm, it doesn’t aggravate, nor make me sore. So even though the heavens opened a smile plastered to my face. It may be raining, but this day is not a waste. We travelled by the tram first time, we learnt to use the machine, we travelled across the bridge to Bastide, in the Botancial Gardens we saw many leaves. A museum of art we saw. Scott not impressed by the squiggles, his opinions just gave me the giggles.


Today I appreciated the rain. Once in a while so should you!

Appreciate all the little things we need water for

For humans, for animals and for plants and more!

Imagine life if there was no rain at all

Imagine if not a single drop would fall!

Imagine no water to drink or for cooking

Imagine no water for laundry day, or to wash your pots in

Imagine no water to clean up dirt

Imagine no water to aid when you’re hurt

Imagine no water for washing your hair

Imagine no water to wash down there

Imagine no water to wash your hands and face

Imagine no water to get rid of that yucky taste

Imagine no water to clean your teeth

Imagine no water for the plants

Imagine no water for the trees

Imagine no water for the soil

Imagine no water for the crops

Imagine no water for the flowers

Imagine if this went on for months not hours

Imagine no water for the animals

Imagine no water for the mammals

Imagine no water for the creatures of the lakes, rivers and seas

Imagine if there were no water for you and me.


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