Fifty Shades of Grey

I know what I am doing round Valentines 2015, but will I be watching it with my hubby? Probably not, as he seems to think this is way over-hyped and over the top.

I told him to trust me, it will be good, who knows I still have time to work on him!  I am not a fan girl and will not be swooning over the stars or the film. I’m just not that type of girl really. Of course I can appreciate a hot body, male or female, as one simply must; it would be blasphemy not to.  If the storyline is amazing and filmed well, I can simply enjoy in awe from a creative aspect the work behind it. Is Jamie Dornan my Mr Grey, or how I imagined him in my mind?  No! Just No! (Scrunchy up weird facial expression.) I think I was imagining a cross between Hugh Jackman, Alcide out of True Blood (Joe Manganiello) and a hint of pretty boy Ryan Gosling. I know such a man does not exist, but one can simply dream. I guess it was hard for the producers and choosey cast peoples, to fulfil every woman’s fantasy.   I always imagined Emma Stone playing the part of Ana, but Dakota Johnson isn’t an awful casting for the part. Anyway we shall see! We shall see how it plays out! Just because Jamie is not my Mr Grey doesn’t mean he is not somebody else’s.

As for the advert! I was expecting risqué and ended up with a tiny teaser. I guess it is because my mind is filthy and wanted more.  Good job advert maker person!

So did I read the books? Of course I did. Did I enjoy them? Oh yeah! I did enjoy the storyline and the sub-plots very much so, but at the end of the day we all know what the main focus within the books are. Am I going to be watching the film? YES! The only thing that concerns me is watching it with hundreds of other crazy minded women which may include their horny partners. This film is putting one thing on your mind well maybe two or three, but it all comes down to one thing: SEX and do I want to watch that with a hundred other people erm….I am not sure, but I will sure buy the DVD.

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