It is Sunday today and I am in one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. I am curled up in bed with my laptop and I am in full creative mode. The Boys are off a mini adventure and I am writing away.  Obviously my other favourite place is anywhere my Boys are, but for now this is heaven to me.

Something I was talking to my mum about last night. I think I am the only one that found this hilarious. I know you do not pronounce it like this but still! Pain in French is the word for bread in French, but in English we all know this is a feeling. A feeling I am feeling at the moment due to my hip giving me hell.  So I have been trying to not say I am in pain, or I have pain in a certain area.

If I say for example I am in pain. People may think in France that I am in bread. If I say I have pain in my side (Bread in my side), Pain in my boob (Bread in my boob), Pain in my belly (Bread in my belly.) Well you get the idea. I found this hilarious to a point tears were flowing down my cheeks, but I sometimes to resemble the doo dah (Can’t think of the word) of a child lol.


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