Seeing the picture above posted on an endometriosis support group (Endometriosisters) reminded me of the article I read below.  I just wish that It was for real and not just for show. How cool would it be? No more painful periods! No more endometriosis!  No more bad hair days! No more pants just pretty shell type bras. Win win situations here girls.


Yes, an actual school in the Philippines were you can learn to swim like mermaids or mermen. You even get your very own mermaid or merman tail, which can be bought or rented. They offer many classes for this extraordinary, exciting, new way of learning to swim, merging both fantasy and reality.


Yes curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what the courses involved:

Introduction to Mermaid Swimming: 2 hours at Php1,500

Inclusions:  Tail rental

15 minutes – Introduction to mermaid swimming and stretching

15 minutes – How to wear and care for the mermaid tail

15 minutes – Swimming with the mermaid tail and floaters

15 minutes – Swimming without floaters

30 minutes – Swimming practice and drills

30 minutes – Conclusion (picture taking and individual assessment)

Mermaid Snorkeling: 2 hours at Php1,500

Inclusions: Tail rental, snorkeling gear, boat, and supervision by a professional instructor.

*Introduction to Mermaid Swimming class is a prerequisite.

* We require a minimum of three (3) students per booking.

Mermaid Scuba Diving: 2 hours at Php3,500

Inclusions: Tail rental, Scuba gear, boat, introductory lesson, and supervision by a professional instructor.

Mermaid Fitness: 1.5 hours at Php450 per session or Php3,500 for five (5) sessions

Mermaid Fitness classes are aimed at endurance, core strengthening and over all wellness. The low impact work out will shed off inches from your waist, improve stamina and improve over all fitness the best way possible, because it’s FUN! And how best to escape the stresses of everyday life, than by living a fantasy for a few hours?

Inclusions: Tail rental, introductory lesson, and supervision by a professional instructor.

Modern Mermaid

Take “mermaiding” to the next level and explore the underwater world powered by a water scooter. We will teach you how to operate and maneuver the water scooter and how to do twists and turns, making you the envy of other mermaids and aquatic creatures! This is also ideal for those with a need for speed, and for those who simply wish to cruise with ease.

Mermaid Makeover

Inclusions: Professional mermaid makeup, photo shoot by our professional photographer, 20 photo edits and 50 shots of your final photo choices on a CD.

Of course there is a lot of fine print etc. But doesn’t it all sound so cool!




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