This Makes ME Sad! If this as already closed down then great!

Many of you may think I am some sort of animal activist of something! I am not, but when I see something that makes me sad to the pit of my stomach and makes me want to burst into tears. I simply can’t keep quiet about it. This was circulating the media! Don’t know how true it is, as I have never been to this zoo, but if it is true and they do this then it must be closed, banned, and stopped! How could anybody do this to make money and shame on those who have attended this zoo in the past, or intend to in the future.

Even though it sounds fantastic to be able to be up close to a wild animal like a tiger, lion or bear, but what they do in order for your own safety is to drug them so they are so out of it they barely even move. For amazing photographs the animals are taunted with food. Look at the pic below the lion is out of it! Oh yeah the girl is all happy and that! But look at the lion, really look at the lion!


I have copied and pasted all the content of this page just incase it gets deleted from the big interwebs (

At the Lujan Zoo, an hour outside Buenos Aires, Argentina, fences are merely a technicality.

Visitors can pay an entry fee of 130 Argentine Pesos, about $25, to pet a lion, feed bears and cuddle up to tigers. A YouTube video uploaded in 2011 shows people taking pictures while petting a full-grown lion as it growls loudly. Another video shows a man feeding a bear with his mouth. The 37-acre zoo is open daily and has about two dozen exhibits, according to its website.

According to the Daily Mail, the general manager of the zoo, Claudio Nieva, said back in 2009 that the animals are raised with dogs to teach them how to behave around humans and kept full when they’re petting or cuddling with them.

“We feed all the animals, especially the predators, so they won’t feel hungry when a human is inside their cage. And there are always two or more specially trained keepers inside the cage,” Nieva told the outlet.

Hundreds of pictures of guests holding tiger cubs and feeding (often sleepy-looking) lions and bears have been uploaded to the zoo’s TripAdvisor page, along with some reviews condemning the establishment.

“It was obvious that they had sedated [them] so that people could pat them. To make sure that visitors got a good picture, ‘techniques’ were used to get the animal to look up, such as throwing water on their faces and dangling meat in front of their mouths,” Courtney B. wrote in November of last year.

Some satisfied visitors called the zoo “amazing,” “incredible” and “a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Animal advocacy groups like Florida-based Big Cat Rescue have said that no good can come from petting or playing with these kinds of animals. “Handling operations are inherently cruel for the cubs,” a document release by the group says. “The risk of injury and disease to humans, associated with big cat cub handling, is significant.”

The zoo has a 4-star average on the site.

Yes, those baby lions have sharp teeth and all it takes is a little snap and that kids hand will be right off. Disaster waiting to happen! You have seen what domesticated animals what we class as pets can do with children. This is totally insane!

Here is another story:

Look at the reviews 😥

Here is one that stuck out to me:

“This was the worst zoo I have ever been too. Yes it was fun to pat a Tiger and a lion but every animal that you could pat was ‘asleep’ when it was obvious that they had been sedated so that people could pat them. To make sure that the visitors got a good picture ‘techniques’ were used to get the animal to look up, such as throwing water on their faces and dangling meat in front of their mouths but the animals were too comatose and incoherent to even open their own mouths. The habitats of all the animals were disgusting. There were lots of monkeys in a tiny cage, a tiger in a 2m by 2m cage and it was clearly distressed walking in circles. The tiger was also watching as its cubs were being passed around. Most of the habitats were just dirt with wire around them and some wood in them. The zoo has not made any effort to try and make the habitats like the animals natural habitats. I would not recommend this zoo to anyone unless they like going to a zoo with animal cruelty.

Visited November 2012”

Close the Lujan Zoo-sign the petitions please:


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