I’m back, I’m back! Does a little dance! Grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

I haven’t updated lately because I have been so busy living! Plus since moving into the apartment we have not had the internet. You never realise how much you miss and depend on something until it is gone.  We need a recipe, we need to buy something, and we need to find how to do something. Our usual course of action is to the interwebs we go. Clicky, click searchy, search and wallaha. It is getting beyond a joke that we don’t have internet yet. All down to the previous tenant not cancelling his subscription before leaving. I think it is a ploy for the internet bosses of France to get us to go with them out of desperation and guess what company runs the internets in France Orange, yep as in Orange mobile company. They are pretty massive over here.

So anyway this update will be long and EPIC! For easy reading it will be edited into separate blog posts.

Before I forget this! I get reminded every day of you when we walk past the river. The below logo is for a hairdressers and that is my dad’s name. Ashton finds this hilarious. So here you go dad! Hehe



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