First Time, Scare Time, Not a Very Fun Time!

(11th August 2014)

The clouds were a little grey, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from having a day out.  We went to La Bastide. Please try to pronounce this correctly or you end up saying an English not very nice swear word.  Anyway, the place itself is a beautiful little place with a beautiful designed bridge leading to it.  There is a lovely little Cathedral and botanical garden. Through the rainfall that is all we managed to see. Once we set off we couldn’t wait to get there. Our first tram ride gave me the understanding of the cliché “sardines packed in a can” and it was not pleasant and it smelled of sweaty old men.  We went to the Jardin Botanique, the bonus that it was free; the downside was that I was expecting many unusual flowers and there weren’t. However Ashton was fascinated with the Venus Fly Traps and now wants one of those. Would it be a pet or a plant though? I had imaginings of The Little Shop of Horrors but instead of “Feed me Seymour,” it would be “Feed me Ashton.”   There were hundreds of types of plants, most of them I could not pronounce the names of. Attached to this unusual building there was an art gallery. Some pieces were let’s say interesting, but for me art should never be judged you can either like it or not like it that is a personal opinion. If I do not like a piece of art doesn’t mean it is bad art, because somebody else may love it. Everybody’s taste is different. Also the longer you look at a piece it changes you become more involved with it. You begin to see the layers which at first glance you possibly cannot see. You peel back the layers, gain perspective therefore taking a new outlook on the piece of art. The artist can hope that his or her work has the desired effect with the audience, but the artist should also know that if a hundred people view said art piece then he may have a hundred different interpretations of it.  So I wonder what the artist who created the open mouth fish statue was thinking. Did he or she expect this?


After the educational trip to La Bastide we tried to get back as quickly as possible as the rain was quickening with no chance of ease.


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