Le Bouscat is where it’s at!

(15th August 2014)

We thought it would be great to go for a walk, to check out the new area where we will be living. Le Bouscat it is called. I really like the place, it is interesting. We still have a lot more exploring to do, but I think I need walking shoes for that. We went to have a look for the park that was apparently as good as Jardin Public, but Scott got us lost. We did find a park though, it was abandoned and creepy looking. It looked very ideal for a horror photo shoot. I love the idea of horror photography, but I am not so good with the overall costume and make-up. So if I were to do it, it would turn out like a child had thrown food colouring over someone. However, I imagined shots that a dear Endo Sister could do there; her talent is remarkable beyond belief. I am a massive fan of her work (I am not going to give much away about that as I want to hopefully share some bits later on in my blog.)

We had a walk round our apartment. I took photographs from the outside. Later I thought I must have looked odd pointing a camera at the apartments. Ah well! The building itself on the outside I am not that keen on, but the area surrounding the building I love so much. I imagine myself writing, reading and sitting out here on many occasions or watching Ashton playing.

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