(13th August 2014)

-Proud Moment Alert- I had so many stares today! But I didn’t care I was facing a fear lens on. These pictures are not the best of quality. I was taking photographs with one hand, whilst using the other hand to feed the birds. I was also shaking too.  Yes! You heard right I was hand feeding them, with my hands!


I have Mr Villager Jim to thank for that, because I wanted to achieve what he had achieved with his work.  (I know I have written this already previously on my blog, but this is how important it is to me.) is a link to his facebook page to check out his awe inspiring   work.

Next time I need to aim for better photographs, whilst remaining close. One step at a time and there is that old overused cliché “Rome was not built in a day.”  The funny thing is people were passing; watching me feed the birds, some of them even took photographs. So anybody reading this and has photographs of me feeding the birds please send to (Hey you never know!) My son was embarrassed bless him, maybe it is his age, but I reckon it is part of my job description: A Mother should embarrass their child as much as possible on a regular basis.

Mirror Mirror on the floor, I can see you I am scared no more! So I took Ashton to the Mirrors again. I love this place it is just amazing!



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