The Wonders of Le Lac

(16th August 2014)

The next day we visited Le Lac (the lake) and wow it is amazing. We settled down in the sand. I should rephrase I settled down in the sand, while the boys went running into the lake.  Ashton loved splashing about. The sand looked like sand, smelt like sand (yes I smelled the sand okay, don’t judge me,) but the texture was strange I think it was like that because of it not being a natural beach. The best thing about this trip is that it is close and it is free.

11   10 9

We had to leave, we didn’t want to, but we had to as we needed food! I hate how food gets in the way of fun. Don’t you think food shopping is tedious? It bores me. I like to whizz around the shop as fast as possible, but the French here take things nice and slow. Compared to them I must look like a neurotic blonde on speed or something.  I do my shopping like I do my ironing with military precision. Fast and to the point!

We kind of took a wrong turn and ended up finding McDonald’s. Usually I don’t eat in such places, as my body hates me and the food is disgusting. However, I felt like I was going to pass out from thirst, exhaustion and starvation (I may be over exaggerating all three a little bit.) You know what though I enjoyed it! I really did it was tasty! I had a fish burger and fries and it was nomtastic!  Plus Ash got a free DVD (LE Chat something or other, basically Puss in Boots,) plus a toy Frisbee. After filling our bellies we headed to the supermarket to fill our shelves.  The old building was to be knocked down and now we were able to see inside of the new one. It was pretty cool and I wanted to buy everything, especially shoes!


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