DINO’s, Butterflies and What a View!

(21st August 2014)

My camera, imagination, and feet by the end of this day were well used.  We walked along the river to the Caps Science Museum. We were, let’s put it this way, a little excited! We knew we were going to see a dinosaur exhibit, but we didn’t know what to expect.   Sadly, the exhibit wasn’t open until the afternoon so we had a whole morning to do whatever we wanted.  By the way a little note I am not putting my best photographs on the blog as I am going to have a separate page for that.  A link to the page will be added at some point.

We walked along the river and found a Lindt chocolate shop. Nommy nom! We bought chocolates to snack on that tasted heavenly. Then we walked along an epic structural design that was the bridge, taking in the fresh air, the magnificent views.  Ashton felt queasy on the bridge. On the other side you are shockingly smacked in the face with a sign for a place called “Bastards Choppers.”  I had to take a double-look to make sure I read it correctly and yes I did. I am pretty sure it is some sort of garage and they sell motorcycle parts. The design looked cool anyway.17

In front of this place was a grassy area and amongst the grass butterflies flew, insects and lizards scurried around. The butterflies were in colours of blue and yellow. Colours I had never seen butterflies before, just beautiful!  I could have spent the rest of the day there taking photographs, but sadly Ashton was eager to be on the other side of the bridge.

Along the bridge there were places to sit. A lady was sat weeping, she looked so sad.  I hate to see anybody looking so sad. So we asked if she was okay and if she spoke English. She didn’t speak English. We offered her food. She said she was on a diet. I said so was I and we both laughed. She watched Ashton use the ramp like a slide and act like a complete nut case. The good thing she was not crying anymore. I like to think we cheered her up that day.  It is okay to cry a little for whatever reason, but one must then simply look at the world with eyes wide open, take a deep breath many times and think everything will be okay.  Once the lady went we resorted to selfies, funny walks, funny voices and high pitch laughter to keep us amused.  Yes, we were getting odd looks, but when it comes to having fun with your child who cares what anybody else thinks.

13 16

It’s time! It’s time! Roar! I use to often take Ashton when he was younger to the musuems in Middlesborough. After buying our yearly passes at a bargain price of 30€ a year for the three of us. Ashton created dinosaurs first using some sort of programme on a tablet computer. There were things everywhere to look at and read. Thankfully they were in English, as I wanted to just have fun today and an epic French lesson was NOT on my agenda. So a sigh of relief as we walked around the musuem learning about dinosaurs.  We walked in one room and  there was what looked like a life size dinosaur, just the look on Ashton’s face was priceless. Then behind a curtain, which looked so shady to me I was both curious and scared to enter at the same time. Obviously the curiosity won. I wasn’t axed to death or nobody jumped out to scare us half to death, but what lay beyond the curtain was fantastic. Animatronic dinosaurs, their eyes, their mouths, their legs, they moved!

14 15

Today was a reminder of how my life should always be and how precious mummy and Aston time really is.


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