Nostalgia, but it’s not even real!

Do you ever feel nostalgic for an era you were never ever even born in? Or one that is total fiction? I know I must sound like I have internet access from the local mental institute, but even though there are fun times to be had in such places I am laid in bed thinking of a time I wasn’t even born into. Yet this time I know just as well as the one I am living in now. Yet to me it is only portrayed through the big screen, into our homes and then into our hearts. Often feeling like I have walked straight out of one of my favourite movies, or in some cases wishing I went Pleasantville scenario on them. (Pleasantville is a film from 1998 where two teenagers end up living in a 1950’s sitcom.)

pleasantville Image

Swooning and wishing I had the chance to date the one and only Danny Zuko, from Grease.  To be cool, to hang out with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies and wear the famous Pink Ladies jacket.


Or being Sandy wearing the yellow dress, with the beautiful voice, then later on singing “Hopelessly Devoted To You” on the porch.

Grease two is my favourite in some respects I especially imagine myself being on the motorcycle with the cool rider. Please Stephanie (Michelle Phieffer) move your skinny arse over to another film you’ve taken my spot. I’m telling you I could use the bomb shelter, never mind needing a world disaster. I’d just need to replace Louis with the gorgeous god that is Michael and well I will say no more.

Hairspray an amazing musical with amazing messages, but how happy would people be if we all just burst out in a musical number. Even the saddest things with an upbeat tempo and a nice tune would make one smile. I often imagine my day as a musical, with colourful clothes and choreographed dancing. Imagine it! It’s pretty funny.

Oh, oh, oh crawled out of bed
The way I always do
Oh, oh, oh hungry for something creative to do
Then I needed a wee

The pain in my belly makes me get up on my feet
It’s like a message from a  high above
Oh, oh, oh pulling me out of my dreams and the
Sheets that I love

Good morning Booorrrrrdooooouuuugghhhh (Bordeaux but I have spelt it like I would sing it!)
Every day’s like a dream to me
All the time I am so silly

Or characters you would love to just hug and have has a pet, because they are super cute like Gizmo from Gremlins. Or Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, or even Falkor the luck dragon from the Neverending Story.  Imagine flying high in the sky on your very own luck dragon. No public transport, no traffic jams.


How cool would it be to have a real ghost in the house like Casper, a friendly ghost, so you were never lonely!

In the Labyrinth strange as it may seem, but the thought of entering the maze, meeting the different creatures enthralls me. Dancing with the Goblin King wearing what Sarah wore; the beautiful ball gown, even though the whole scene is creepy, it is also beautiful.


And in fact I would love to meet the missus. I want to meet the whole family and stay for tea.

Or when you got bored of your house of the place you were living and are running a little low on monies then the wardrobe in the back bedroom leading to Narnia would be the perfect transportation device.  I sure would get a brilliant photograph of a lion that is not in captivity and because he talks and that I would get him to pose. Brilliant!

The film 2009 The Invention of Lying, is just a totally brilliant concept, what if nobody could actually lie. How would a world be if there was no lying? Crimes would be harder to commit and if there were crimes people would be able to find easier who committed the crime by simply asking did you do it. On the flip side, is complete honesty always good? I think with complete honesty there needs to be tactfulness also.

As a child you want to be all grown up so there are films like Big, which even watching as an adult you wish you could just lose yourself in the world where you can have fun and play with toys all day.

Wouldn’t it be fab having a friend like Jessica from True Blood? She would at your beck and call erase the bad memories and the bad people from your life.  Also her healing powers within her blood would get rid of any of those hurties caused by accidents.   There is a downside to this though as you would begin to not understand what danger is and always put yourself at risk recklessly. Not that I condone Andy having an affair and when I think about it children grow up to quickly anyway.  But the whole idea of having almost orgasmic pleasure whilst actually delivering a baby, yes please! The whole pregnancy lasting a whole week, yes please also! I would be pregnant for years if it meant a child at the end of it, but this scenario does sound kind of amazing. I could see the birth rate rising at a speedy rate and those that already pop children out like it is nothing merely than a source of income, would use this to their advantage. Those who are genuinely ill during pregnancy or pre- pregnancy or even find it difficult to carry a baby full term; this magic would be, well, magical!

To have an Alpha ability or to have access to one, erm, interesting! I think I am already good at making people do what I want them to do, so Nina Theroux power to influence would only work up to a point. In everyday living this is not really needed, but in interrogation an ability such as this could prove useful. Bill Harken’s super strength for lifting furniture whilst in a cleaning frenzy would just be fabulous wouldn’t it, no more embarrassing crap behind the washer when the repairman comes to pull it out to be fixed. With our Bill weekly cleaning is done and done good! Cameron Hicks ability to aim perfectly, would come in handy I am just not sure howyet. Ooh rent an alpha haha! That is a thought!  As for the other powers of the beautiful Rachel Pirzad and Gary Bell, well they can keep them. I’d rather not have super senses or see electronic wavelengths; I have enough with my normal senses and wavelength thank you very much.

Pretty Woman, a great film yes, but would I see myself as a paid lady of the night. Erm…no! I would not charge haha! But I do love this story and I guess I wish there were people around like Richard Gere’s character Edward, who would give one less fortunate a chance at true love. Awww! I know soppy! But what if one was meant to turn left when one was expected to go right and that was the reason why one is not a famous artist or a lawyer for example. Maybe the person just took a few wrong turns when it came to life and deserves an help in hand. So more Edward’s to look beyond what does appear to be seen and search for true love no matter what would be truly remarkable and truly inspiring.

I often think what it would feel like to go back to basics! NO computers, cookers, washing machines, televisions. Then I think in some ways it would be better! With no entertainment devices such as computers and television to distract us from physical social interaction and no I don’t just mean sexual intercourse here dears! Within The Walking Dead individual come together to form a community, in order to survive, but in this case there would be no killer zombies at every turn. A world where there is no need for money, but just swapsies of material and a strong knitted community driven on love, support and happiness. We can dream of such a place, maybe one day!

p11862634_b_v8_aa (1)

To live life as a writer, but to research the way Richard Castle does. Working so close to the action, gives Castle the opportunity to make his writing not only brilliant, but authentic also.  The ability to juggle a job, writing and several relationships: Partner, Daughter, Mother and Friends.

Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones, I had to say it twice because that is how epic it is! It is like an X-rated soap opera with swords, dragons and magic! It is confusing a little, but I made a little song so it makes a little sense to me:

He loves her but she loves that guy right there. They love each other, but wait a minute ain’t they sister and brother?  He loves her mother and loves her the same. He loves her even though he found her when she was on the game.  He has many wives that are his daughters as well. He’s in love with the enemy, but he gets away with it because he’s a sexy bastard Jon Snow.

Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps? Crisps yes! nom nom nom! Even though I shouldn’t! Cheese and onion and now Paprika and the nomtastical cream and chives. Larger not so much!

On one hand it would be cool to fight to learn about strange creatures and their powers like the characters in Grimm, and use weapons to destroy them. On the other hand I like peace and wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or be harmed. I guess I try to see the good in everything and everyone.

But when criminals do not repent, or have just gone so far then vengeance is best served sweet, just like Eric did in The Crow.

How great would it be to put together a crime solving team?  Like the use of the skills from everybody at the Jeffersonian and everybody of course the excellent Jack Bower from 24. Or from a magical aspect the Charmed Sisters.

Dear Edward Scissors and all I want to hug you and hire you as my hedge cutter.

And when you can’t hack anymore bitterness, crime fighting, monsters and madness there is always Disney! And many stories to jump right into.

Then there is many other programs that I have not seen that I know others live in, I mean love so much.


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