A New Day A New Year!

I had a lie in, a bit, erm…okay a lot.  Last night poor Ashton fell asleep on the sofa at 11pm. Isn’t it funny when a child says he or she can stay up they are old enough! And when you turn your back on them they are flat out snoring!

We had a few friends round earlier on in the evening for chatting, drinks and nibbles. It was lovely to socially interact like a normal person. Even though I am not normal, but hey I am a person.

Then after the clocks struck 12, we heard shouts of Bonne Année echoing around outside. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reaction like that, so I burst out laughing.  Then the fireworks started. I felt pretty smug knowing that I could see so many firework displays light up the night sky from the warmth and comfort of my own home. It was magic! This is a major perk of living in an apartment on the 9th floor.

New Year’s Day we played board games. I won Game of Life, not showing off or anything, but yippee I am a winner baby!  Then later on we had friends over for dinner, drinks and chatter. It’s been a lovely day.

I guess today I realised how much people mean to me. To not go all gushy, sob story on you. But some friends are like family, and some family are like close friends. But you know what whether they are friends or family in 2015 I am going to not just tell them I love them, but show them I love them.

And now I lay in bed sleepily wondering what I should do today. Very happy I just won a giveaway over at STARS CARDS (https://www.facebook.com/pages/STARS-CARDS/1378071825740427)  This is a very cool start to the New Year.


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