Today is food shopping day. Where we trek across town to the shops, then trek back with shopping in tow. Its good exercise and I enjoy it, even if it is tiring.

Well today we were going to make an exception and visit a shop called Eurasie ( I think that is how you  spell it). Anyway, this was not to be, as we were walking a long on our merry way.  As we walked past a garden the biggest German Sherphard started barking. We thought nothing of it, because this dog was in a fenced off area.  My eyes darted to the other dog, which was bigger than the first dog and resembled that off Cujo from the Stephen King novel.  Only thing is the gate was wide opening and the dog was fastly approaching towards us. I am not scared of dogs, but today I was petrified. I still get shaky when thinking about it!  We crossed the road so fast and headed in the opposite direction. Luckily this dog never followed.

We needed something to calm our nerves  as the three of us were very shaken. So we went to Macdonalds, had yummy foods and ice cream.  Afterwards we headed to our usual shops, bought stuffs! Headed home and vowed never to walk past those dogs again.


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