Be Japy Indeed


I came across a YouTube video a while ago about three German students who did a beautiful thing for a homeless guy. Not only is the whole concept thoughtful, but the song is just beautiful.  And the guy’s expression at the end is just priceless. Even though the homeless guy in the video is merely an actor it doesn’t take away the fact that random acts of kindness can happen and be just as beautiful.  It is all about small gestures creating big impacts.  It is about inspiring each other. This is not just one country, it is about all countries. I love the way the Japy gang, said this is “A positive virus.” I love these guys, they are epic and are an inspiration to all. So check out the YouTube video and support them and their many projects on Facebook.

Here is a little blurb about them taken from the Facebook page:

We are four students who posed ourselves the question whether social networks such as Facebook & Co deserve to be called social at all. We have found that most often they do not.

Facebook makes it easy and simple to connect with people from around the world. We want to seize this opportunity – because sharing even just a small gesture of solidarity can inspire more people to do the same.
With our actions and messages we want to provide food for thought together with the community as well as motivate and encourage one another.

Through cooperations with other projects and organizations we want to support these and spread their ideas in social networks.

By making a donation you specifically support our association’s work.

Let us show together how social networks can become more social!

I know it is a long way off, but we need time to prepare. On the streets of France there are many homeless people and it does break my heart. For Xmas next year my son and I are going to create bags of things they need. The bags will include clothes, food, toiletries and anything else we can think of. As we are not rich we have to do this a little by little, and we are going to collect donations of items from family and friends.  I don’t want to just give to one, when I see at least another twenty in the same situation. Actually this was my 9 year old son’s idea.


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