The Battle is on: McDonald’s in France V’s McDonald’s in England

maccie vs f&E

  • Whenever I eat anywhere I always need the toilet just before eating and just after. I am strange like that.

France:  The floor is clean, the loo is clean and there is toilet roll. Win Win! Downside there is only one toilet so                     waiting time is a bit of an annoyance.

England:   Nearly cracked my head on the sink from cubicle two toilet flooding. I need to go, will hover as the seat is              missing. Grrr no loo rolls. Erm…..I think I will pass!

  • I am not too sure if the McDonald’s toys are different, but the quality of them here seems a lot better. Put it this way my son actually plays with them and puts them out on display on his toy shelves. The first few times we went to McDonald’s in France they had an offer on buy an adults and a child meal and you could choose a free DVD from a selection. We got Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda 2.
  • I have never known this to happen. I was surprised. But one of the guys who worked there was giving out some samples to taste. They were tasted and the guy asked some questions. Apparently they are bringing out a new type of burger and a sauce.
  • You had a McDonald’s an hour ago, the exact same meal as you always get. How do you feel?

France:  I really enjoyed that. I am well and truly stuffed!

England: I am starting to feel peckish. I feel a little offish also. Maybe I should just have a small snack!

So in conclusion McDonalds in England is unhygienic, unsatisfying and the food is just rubbish! France for the win! As the food is tastier , there is more range in food types and the toys are just cool! Not that I don’t have a fish burger Happy Meal every time I go!


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