Guest Blogger: Carol Fenwick AKA Geraldine Ward

“I have always loved writing. From an early age I read continuously and always wrote for pleasure. I started to write a lot of poetry in particular as a teenager and overtime got a lot of work together, some of which I have been able to publish on Amazon, including short stories and a novella. I have had a few pieces of poetry published in independent magazines in the northeast of England, but primarily I am more focused now on the self-publishing market, I have not given up on the traditional methods of publication, but writing is a very overcrowded and competitive industry. For most people in the current set-up this is quite a logical route.

I write under a pseudonym, Geraldine Ward, it is quite good fun. When I have mentioned Geraldine to a few people I joke that she is my friend, but no, they know from what I have told them that she is a pseudonym derived from my middle and maiden name.

I am currently focusing on writing children’s literature. My most recent book is Gypsy and the Cat Boy and Other Stories, now on Amazon and also I am writing some children’s poetry soon to come out I hope, that my cousin, Jenny Ward has helped illustrate. Her pictures are from watercolour and have  a vivid life-like quality.

I think the best tips I could offer anyone who writes is to write what you love and write what you know. Always be prepared to learn along the way and accept criticism even if  you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to take up every negative comment someone might make as gospel, but at the same time you need to steel yourself, if you take things too personally this won’t help you to develop, try to see things from other’s points of view as well as your own, and try to be nice and helpful along the way.

Some writers get it right first time, others, probably most of us plod and plod, I guess it’s like the tortoise and the hare, at least the tortoise got there in the end!

My philosophy is to always keep developing, hopeful and positive and with any luck the break will come, usually when you least expect it, like anything in life”

Gypsy and the Cat Boy and Other Stories

Caring for the Carer


Modern Proverbs: Stories from Spain and Gibraltar


Light and Shade

The link for my blog is and the facebook page is


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