A BOOK REVIEW: Gypsy and the Cat Boy and Other Stories Paperback (by Geraldine Ward)

Gypsy and the Cat Boy

This is a sweet sentimental story with a lovely ending. This reminded me of when I got my dog Rocky, but already had a cat Rikku- they did not get along either! The story I know is aimed at children, with the use of simplistic language. When I read it though I found that it jumped in places so there were points I was taken from one image to another a little too fast.  The story portrays many lovely messages for children, the main themes being kindness and friendship.

Gibbons the Donkey

The story confused me at first. I didn’t know whether you were talking about the farmer or the donkey. Again this is a sweet story, with comical sections showing that even a small donkey with confidence can stick up for himself against big bullies.

Rosie and the Robin

The story shows that being nasty equals loneliness but even people that appear mean have kindness within them; they just need to show it. I loved this story it is just so very sweet.

Marjorie and the Bunny

Reading this left me with a thought “sometimes dreams do come true especially if you are kind”.

Three Little Boys

I was expecting the sing song rhyme scheme to carry on, but it didn’t. I found it a little confusing to be honest, so had to re-read this several times, but still didn’t understand especially the eeriness at the end.

The Boy Owned the Moon

Lovely prose, again a really sweet story.

The Cleaning Fairy

I liked this; this was fun and easy to read. Towards the very end made me think you of could of gone with another or more in depth angle.

Overall I found this book a lovely read, mostly aww happy ever after stories, mostly sentimental and shows many morals children could learn from.

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