Guest Blogger: Male Romantic Fiction Writer : S.Blaise

I write what I call “male romance fiction” and what others might call “gay porn”, but they would be incorrect as not every story I write has sex in it and I do try and focus on the characters and their relationships.  Being a straight female this might seem like an unusual thing to write but let me ask you which do you think would be better: writing about another woman finding love and having sex or writing about two hot guys doing it?  Does it seem so strange now? In fact many male romance stories are written by women, for women.

I, like I think many male romance authors, got into writing professionally through fanfiction.  I discovered what is known as slash fanfiction, where two male characters from a show, film, etc are paired together.  The “slash” comes from the forward slash used to denote the pairing.  For example, one of the earliest known slash pairings was Kirk/Spock from the original Star Trek series.  Once I’d found slash fanfiction I read a lot of it, and even had a go at writing some.  I was on a fanfiction website I frequently go to when I noticed the banner ad, it was for a male romance publishers.  Curious, I clicked through and noticed they had a call for submissions.  They were interested in short story submissions for future anthologies.  The first one didn’t spark my interest and the submission deadline was a little too close for me to get a story done for it considering the research I would have to do (it was a history based anthology) but looking at the second submission call, it was as if my brain roared to life and an idea started pouring through my mind.  “I can do this!” I thought to myself.  “It’s worth a shot, and what have I got to lose?”  I got the story written and submitted it, heart in my mouth and, I think, in my e-mail with my submission.  “Please give me a chance, help make my dream come true!” I practically said to them.  After all, had they received a lot of submissions?  Would they publish someone who had only written fanfiction before?  Was my story good enough?

It turned out, yes it was.  Getting the e-mail saying my story would be published was an incredible feeling (it still is) and I think my neighbours may have heard me screaming as I read it.  Since then I have had other stories published in anthologies with Dreamspinner Press ( and a couple with Torquere Press (  I still need to get a full length novel finished and published, if only my brain would co-operate and focus on one idea at a time!

Note By Em: Book reviews to follow! One day anyway!

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