My Life in Bordeaux So Far!

I don’t blog as much as I want to. So I thought I would do a update so far just to let you all know what’s been happening.

Well Bordeaux is known for its wine and I often crave it. This is strange for me as I don’t usually drink. I am trying to stay on this sober road I put myself on, but each day I am finding it increasingly difficult.  Not that I would turn into some sort of alcoholic, more of a casual or social drinker. Or whatever you call somebody that curls up on the sofa, watching a movie or reading a  book – alone.

Now the weather is getting warmer, out comes the summer dresses, the sandals and the new found hope of positivity that my illnesses will not consume me, that the sun will recharge my batteries and all will be well.

Actually personally I’m feeling too bad lately; very positive in fact. I’ve been doing a full body detox of mind, body and spirit (eating right, taking vitamins and herbal concoctions given to me from a herbal doctor, exercising.) You will all be shocked by this, but I have been studying the bible. What I use to admire about religion was the community aspect and the faith they had even at the worst of times.  I am proud to say after nearly a year I am feeling like a sister in the congregation and it is very humbling.  I also started a daily to do list, which is a app thingy on my tablet. So when a task is completed I press the ticky button and it puts a cross through what I am to do.  So all those things I have started and not finished and the things I have wanted to achieve I am actually getting done.  Slowly but surely is better than not at all.  I finally feel like I am not bogged down with things to do, even though the ideas keep coming. I have many writing projects going off at the moment, all exciting stuff, watch this space.

As for Ashton he is doing amazing. I am so proud of him. His French vocabulary is improving immensely every day.  I love hearing him speak French, he just sounds so beautiful.  His school grades are a great reflection of just how well he is doing. His grades have been outstanding with mostly A’s and B’s then a few C’s. It does make me wonder what level he would be at if he was still in England. In maths he has been put on the next year of work.  I can’t really express how I feel, I think if I think about it more I will cry. I am just so proud.

Lately we have just done the usual, short walks, shopping trips and visits to the beautiful parks.  The fayre was visiting Quinconce so we decided to visit the fayre. We were entranced by the bright lights and the magic of it all.  We enjoyed the candy floss and many goes on the grabby teddy machines. We won a Stich toy for Ashton to go with his collection.  Ashton went on a few of them walk through fun house things, he had lots of fun.  Me and Scott rode the ghost train, It was short, but definitely not sweet, quite scary actually. I might of screamed out loud just a little, especially when we heard the noise of the chainsaw, the smell of the petrol and the vibrating sensation of something on the back of our heads. We freaked out, looked around and saw a clown figure stood wielding a pretty realistic looking chainsaw, coming towards our heads.

My bestie Kat visited in March. It was amazing to show her all the things I loved about Bordeaux a place I now call home.  We enjoyed hot choccies, candy floss, going on the big wheel, walks in the park, face mask girl night  and a lovely trip to the vineyard and chateau with the lovely Laurence  and just good old quality time together. We had a blast.

I am looking forward to another fun packed summer here. Until next time…but I will leave you with some pictures that have been taken lately.

Me & Ash all dressed up!


The view from my balcony


Me on the see-saw (yes Kat was on the other side, we had a laugh)


Me & Kat on the Ferris Wheel, London Eye In Bordeaux thing! Beautiful views from this!


Thought of the day!



2 thoughts on “My Life in Bordeaux So Far!

  1. Lovely blog. Would love to see u sometime. Glad you are having a great time and so pleased to hear how well you are doing. Love to you, Scott and Ash xxxxx

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