Guest Blogger: Writer & Artist Emily Sturgill

Emily H. Sturgill was born in Detroit Michigan, but she was raised in Royal Oak Michigan. From a very young age Emily started drawing. Her other interests were writing poetry, reading and listening to music. In Fall 2006, she began the College of Education: Art Education & Art Therapy program also at Wayne State. In May 2012 Emily obtained her M.Ed in Art Education with a core focus in Art Education. During her time in the program, she had the opportunity in practicum to co-led a children’s workshop. She also did an internship with the Activities Director at HCR Manorcare Georgian Heartland East in Grosse Pointe, MI. Her final internship she was able to arrange through contacts at Macomb Community Mental Health and her Art Therapy Advisor Dr. Holly Feen. This internship was at a dual diagnosis clubhouse for those with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. She has both a BFA in painting and a M.Ed from Wayne State. She is very happy to be part of the team and the engaging atmosphere at The Art Experience.
About me: I began drawing at the age of 4 years old. I began writing poetry at the age of 8yrs old. At 18-19 years of age, after just earning my high school degree-with vastly huge dreams of college and freedom-I had my very first manic episode. I was diagnosed with Manic Depressive Illness. This stopped my “normal life” dead in its tracks. I was lost like a fish out of water. I couldn’t breathe. My world crumbled and collapsed upon me. Luckily, i was diagnosed early enough to receive many and various treatments. Some worked while others did not.Sometimes I lived all alone in a bleeding world of hurt. I lost many friends and romances due to this illness. I broke off ties completely with several family members. a bipolar life is not an easy life. A bipolar life is far too often a broken life.

I love animals, children and the disabled, and or the Elderly populations to work with.I am very interested in all forms of spirituality. I am not just looking for a 9-5 job, I am seeking a career. A calling if you will, to make this world a better place because someday sooner or later I will leave it. As the saying goes”Nobody gets out of here alive.” Before I ever go anywhere, to the great beyond or reincarnated, whatnot, i want to make the world a better place if it allows me to. I want to leave a thumbprint stating yes, she was here and yes she did make a difference.

Books she has written:

  • A Mandala that happened on the way to a car crash & other stories.: short fiction, poems, art & prose

  • Art, Art, Art!!! Before Words.: Volume Two (Art, Art, Art! Before words. Book 2)

  • Art before words. (Art Art Art before words. Book 1)

  • Art,Art,Art!!!Before Words.: Volume Two: 2

  • Butterfly rimmed eyeglasses and the Trouble with Tuesday.

  • Don’t watch me bleed.: Confessions of a Uterus in pain: Poetry.

  • Don’t make me bleed.: Confessions of a Uterus in pain: Poetry.

  • Do not cry me a River of Crocodile Tears: Poetry and Artist Chapbook

  • Dreamcatcher and other poems

  • Dredging up Demeter: An Autumn Anthology of Poetry

  • Help Wanted:Poets please apply. Edited by Emily Sturgill..: A Poetry Anthology

  • In Exile From Maxwell Park: poems

  • In Love with a word: Poetry.

  • Lavender Surprise

  • Memoirs Recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic depressive illness.

  • Mythology seen through Metaphor.: word salad 1.5

  • Once, I was the Rain.

  • On the Brink letters to the Madness+poems & pictures (Rantings & Ravings Book 1)

  • On the Brink letters to the Madness+poems & pictures. Vol 2 (Rantings & Ravings)

  • Red Bones: Poetry and Artwork

  • Sex in the kitchen sink: Poems and art.

  • Spirals of Song and other poems

  • Words Whirl

  • Yesterday’s Flowers and other things.: poetry and art.

Links to her books:

Emily is having a GIVEAWAY to win a copy of her new book  “Don’t watch me bleed. Confessions of a Uterus in pain: poetry”  It starts April 20th if approved then runs until June 18th 2015, only for participants in the USA!


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Writer & Artist Emily Sturgill

  1. Just one thing to note, you have the kindle version pictured here-which is fine! But the giveaway is for the paperback version. The main difference between the two are different cover images and a slightly different title-the contents in both versions are exactly the same! The paperback version is titled,”Don’t watch me bleed. Confessions of a uterus in pain:poetry.” The kindle version is “Don’t make me bleed…”This was an error on my part but actually I’m thinking of leaving it that way. They are the same book however. 🙂

    Thanks for writing about it! Sincere thanks, Emily

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