Yes I Wear Maternity Clothes & No I Am Not Pregnant!

For those who already know me know that my body is not at its best. I am far from slim and far from my ideal weight.  What makes things worse for me is my health; I have Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia and the symptoms are just so up and down.  Being only 4ft 10 I find it hard with the length of trousers and dresses. Having massive boobs I find it hard to find, well anything to fit round them.  Then added to this annoyance at whenever my body feels like it, my stomach swells up to make me look like I am just about ready to give birth.  It is upsetting; in fact its soul destroying.

I do have clothes; it just takes me a lot longer than most to find something nice and still comfortable. Jeans or button -up trousers  are a no go, as they look nice when I first put them on, but once the swelling starts I feel like I am wearing trousers that are two sizes too small for me.  Most of the time I wear leggings or elasticated trousers, as they have little more give in them. But they only give so much! Sometimes I still have to wear the next size up and hope that when my stomach is being “normal” that I am not found with my trousers round my ankles.  Yes, I could wear a belt, but the pressure on my stomach when I am having a flare would cause the belt to irritate.

One day I saw in the sale section in Asda (UK) a pretty pink top. At the time I was trying to conceive so being a bargain shopper and the top being £3 I just had to have it.  Yes these clothes are marketed for pregnant women. We should be saying who cares what the label says; I don’t care! If they look good and are comfortable that is what matters. The few years I have had this top I have worn it a lot. Not once did anyone say are you pregnant? Do you know why, because nobody knew that this top was made primarily for a pregnant lady, they just noticed it was nice.

Many Endometriosis suffers wear maternity clothing I know that from the discussions in the group EndometrioSisters, which I help admin. (Link to group introduction page: (

A close friend of mine opened a shop selling maternity, nursing and premature baby wear and every so often photographs of items she is selling appear on my Facebook newsfeed. The other day the dress below popped up and well put it this way it is coming to me very soon and yes I am not pregnant, not yet anyway!  Her shop is called Mummy Rose, which is based on Freeman Street Market in Grimsby. What makes this venture a little different is the service she offers, which includes home consultations and deliveries.  (Obviously dependent on where you are situated.) If you live elsewhere then you can order online.  As this business is not a massive chain, it targets individual needs and quality of service at very affordable prices. Mummy Rose knows that if you attend her shop, or buy items you may be buying for yourself, but may not necessarily be pregnant. You may be just exactly like me and not want your trousers round your ankles.



Link to Website:

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