Are You Fully Watered?

shiny_blue_water_droplet  I hear it so often and I say it so often that keeping hydrated is essential for a healthy body; inside and out.  Drinking enough water is essential to help transport nutrients around the body, digest food and regulate body temperature.

Do I practice what I preach though? Do I drink enough? The short answer was no.  In everyday life you get so pre-occupied with everything that monitoring the amount you drink is pushed way to the back of your mind.

If a doctor asked me if I am drinking plenty I’d be like yes of course I am, not an outright lie but because I drank when I felt thirsty I thought that was enough.  But it really wasn’t enough. I know this from my self-experimentation lately.

fffI use an app on my tablet device called Aquaalert: Water Reminder H20 (

I love this app, because it tells you how much you should drink. Then when you have had a drink, you choose the container type you used and press it once. Over the day you will see the amount you need to drink decrease.  It is so easy to use, even I can use it and I am not exactly the smartest tool in the shed.


On average I must drink a total of 2.8 litres of water daily, and until recently I never really understood why.  The app though calculates dependent on your statistics, ensuring you drink enough for you. You can also set alarm reminders.

There are already things I am noticing due to accomplishing my daily drinking targets:

  • My skin is less spotty; the water is helping flush out those horrid toxins!
  • I don’t feel as hungry during the day, so it is helping big time with the much needed weight loss.
  • I don’t ache, or have painful joints and cramps as much, which when you sweat you lose water. So water is kind of like oil you need in your system to make it work more effectively.
  • I have more energy, which is super win for me, especially since having Fibromyalgia a chronic fatigue condition. They say that one cause of tiredness is dehydration. I am beginning to think that is true.

It is only really early days for me with this, but there is so much more water can help with:

  • Conditioning the hair.
  • Improving organ function, causing less infection, including kidney function.
  • Keeps bowel movements regular.
  • Improves concentration, alertness and to think more clearly.
  • Helps with headaches.
  • Improving overall mood and stress levels.
  • Lubricates joints and cartilage.
  • Etc, there is probably more that I have not listed.

And the best thing is water is free, well kind of!  Don’t forget as the weather is getting nicer keep a bottle of water with you always! Stay hydrated!  The natural way to improve your health! Lol I sound like a spokesperson for Water.


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