Sentimental Culture Shock

It was a lovely day; the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the children were playing happily in the park. I watched my son radiate with happiness, whilst running back and forth with his new friend Thais. Little did I know this girl was to become one of his best friends.  The first time Ashton invited her over for lunch, was lovely. I always go overboard when we have children over. Just enough food to feed a small army and then a lot of fussing over their every need ensuring they have the best time possible.  When Thais was dropped off at the house, her grandmother bought me some delicious macaroons. I kept the ribbon as a keepsake, round my keepsake wine bottle.  I was so taken back, such a beautiful thought. I soon found it was tradition to take gifts when you visit one another’s house and this then kind of thing happened time and time again. It is not done every time, imagine that we all would be bankrupt, but just every so often as a nice gift offering. When I had Ashton’s friends over for a playdate they thought it was his birthday and even though it wasn’t and i told them that they all brought gifts and one of the mums gave me a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers. This gift offering brought me to tears. Also the boys that day kicked me and my son out of my son’s bedroom and cleaned it perfectly. Bless them they were so proud of what they had done. I was in shock, as I had already penciled in my diary to clean the apartment before dinner (tea in England). 

DSC_8353 DSC_8355


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