Come on Ed Sheeran Please Sing for Tracy!


I often get added to groups on Facebook, or get invited to like this, or support that cause. I always take notice, but do not always accept the request.  So the other day I was added to the group: #singfortracyh ( and honestly thought “Not another one!” What got me though was it wasn’t the lady herself trying to encourage the amazing Ed Sheeran  to sing “Thinking Out Loud” at her wedding (Yes I am a fan of Ed Sheeran also!) it is Tracy’s loving friends and family that have put this together for her.


Tracy has a rare form of Lupus: CNS (Central Nervous System) and SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.) Also a demylinating spinal cord lesion at a C3/C4 level, a cause of Transverse Myelitis. She had chemotherapy drugs, and she is currently in Leeds hospital after being left paralysed for her fourth time. Organising a wedding is stressful enough, but Tracy is doing this from her hospital bed, as her wedding is in October.


Education and understanding I feel are of importance. To read more about the diseases Tracy has please visit the following pages:

Words by Tracy (posted on the Facebook group)

“So this morning the sheer enormity of what has happened over the last 48 hours hit me!
After being engaged to Glynn for a number of years we finally decided to set a wedding date last month for this October due to a deterioration in my health.
However I have now realised that I have less than 5 months to learn to walk & use my arms properly again & in that time I’ve also got to plan a wedding which I haven’t even bought a dress for yet…….but at least we’ve booked a venue so we’re half way there! Lol!
This has been one heck of an exciting journey but a welcome distraction after being away from my boys in Leeds hospital for so many weeks now.

I just wanted to be clear this page was never set up for monetary donations as a charity or as a just giving account, it was purely set up by my family & close friends in order to give me the incentive to keep fighting & to encourage me to learn to walk & use my arms properly again whilst keeping my spirits up……however I have been overwhelmed by people’s responses & their offers of gifts & items that will make our wedding day extra special- for those of you we cannot thank you enough!

I originally contacted Ed Sheerans management team asking for signed song words of ‘Thinking out loud’ a few weeks ago due to the poignant meaning of the 1st line of the song ‘when your legs don’t work like they used to before’ as it was always intended as our first dance song at our wedding,  & I wanted to give Glynn a special gift on our day- unfortunately I was told that they have many of the same requests & that my request was not possible to fulfill- that is when my family & friends took over & the rest as they say is history!…….

So my plan now is to continue with my treatment & Neuro rehabilitation in Leeds hospital & return to my family as soon as possible.

So this is really a little note to let people know that I’m handing you over to the very capable hands of my family & close friends that will help pull everything together to hopefully make our wedding day extra special. They have promised to keep people updated weekly on my progress. But for now I hope you can all understand that I need to concentrate on getting better, stronger in order to fight this cruel disease.

If anyone has any questions comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact the named admin on this site.

Much love to you all xxx”

I am a strong believer in if you never ask, you will never know.  Well this lot are asking and asking, and then asking some more. With an ever growing army of supporters behind them I am hopeful that Tracy will receive her dream wedding.

I know the story has already hit their local paper ( and several radio stations, and twitter is going crazy.

 11159986_10206383756183521_6307019550538805417_n (1)

It just shows that even though we are surrounded by so much violence and hatred in today’s world, there is some good.  When a community comes together like this and for other worthy causes, it certainly does renew my faith in humanity.   And yes I know some may think “Oh it is only a wedding! How can Tracy’s dream wedding restore one’s faith in humanity? It is not just about the wedding though it is the very act of kindness, selflessness that so many people are willing to help her achieve her dream.  Neither Tracy nor the team had asked for such lovely gestures and offers, they purely wanted to have Ed Sheeran play at Tracy’s wedding so she could dance her first dance to his beautiful voice. All Tracy wanted was the song words signed for a special gift to give her husband on their wedding day.  You can tell by the replies of the admin and Tracy herself that they are all just taken aback with the generosity and kindness of others.  Like me though so is the general public.

I know some that will help to simply advertise their business, but who is to say you can’t have a business and a heart?  Many businesses donate to charities and yes the sad factor is that they do need advertising, to be able to have the funds so they can give to those charities that pull at their heart strings.  To me it is a win win situation so wherever possible those companies that have helped deserve a shout out.  But if one does make an offer, one must follow through and if they don’t like Daniel Waddingham on the Facebook group pointed out, they should be named and shamed.

I know I didn’t have to do this, and many did not expect this or offer gifts and services for advertising reasons. All the offers may not be accepted, as one can only have so many cakes and photographers at a wedding. In my book they all deserve a shout out and big thank you for being so thoughtful.  These are just the offers I know about, there have probably been a lot more.

Many gifts/services have been offered, many are dependent on the date they are getting married also:

Please join the army on Facebook; share and like ( and tweet, retweet the stories on your Twitter and on Ed’s Twitter!  Anything is possible if one just believes,  and of course pester Ed until he gives in and says yes. Also you can add a Twibbon to your pics:

I know personally I will follow this story until the end. I just love the type of stories where the community comes together to make someone’s dream come true.  It is magical! I am positive it will happen now and really can’t wait to see photographs of the big day. I am a Disney girl through and through and just love a happy ending.  Already I have shared tears and laughter. The main photograph or video I want to see is Tracy and Glynn dancing their first dance to Ed Sheeran singing ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Tracy is determined to be walking on her wedding day and even though this illness is what it is, she is adamant for her day to be special, so are her friends and family.  She will undergo months of physiotherapy, which is not going to be easy on her.

A message to Tracy:  you got this girl! I believe in you! Thank you for being so inspiring. Thank you for taking a negative (losing your hair through chemotherapy) and turning it into a positive (raising £2000 for wigs to be made.)  Thank you to everyone involved in helping and to Tracy’s family and friends for caring so much to start this in the first place.

So, it’s the 1st of May. Happy May day everyone! Today i did my usual mooch around Facebook, (No matter how much i try nobody can keep me away haha!) Anyway, i  received a notification that the lovely inspirational Tracy had commented on the groups page.  I was taken a back from the sheer humbleness in her speech.  Unless you are ill yourself, or somebody close to you is you don’t understand how important the hospital staff actually are. I don’t just mean the day to day care, but to pick you up when you are down, to share the good times and the bad times.

I know myself when i have been in hospital numerous times that the staff all together helped me.  Keeping your mind going is just as important as your body. There were days in between visiting hours that if it wasn’t for the care staff and the cleaners talking to me then i would have gone insane.  Probably faster than a normal person too, as silence makes me anxious; i’m a little bit of a chat-oholic!

Words from Tracy:

“I’ve been wanting to write something on this page about the ward on which I am being cared for for a while, but I had to make sure that the legal implications were looked into first…….however now that is all taken care of I feel I need to tell you about my experience on this ward compared to the care I have normally received on the ‘general medical wards’ or ‘long term illness’ wards for incurable diseases & how it differs from most wards or at least my own experience of them.

By the time you have been diagnosed with a disease/condition such as mine a very significant amount of time has normally been spent on wards & in hospitals so much so that you almost become an ‘expert’ patient in normal nursing practices- now this is where I needed to write something different…… the staff & care that I have received on ward C2 at Chapel Allerton in Leeds & the care received under the directive of the Louise Coote unit in London is something far different & special.
The staff on these wards choose to take you under their wing & support you through tears, tantrums, laughter & excitement. Their professionalism never falters & they for me are the real heroes in all of this……. simple things like a member of staff giving me a hug when one is needed to sitting & having a chat to help me work through all the issues that just go along with being poorly yet trying to be a mummy- to holding my hand when i’m in pain or when I have been just plain scared of what the future might bring or hold for me- these staff have been there every step of the way- every step of every day. This not only includes the Sisters, Registered Nurses & HCA’s on the ward but the Professors, Doctors, Physio’s, OT’s, admin & domestic staff.

Therefore due to this & because of this after having a few people offering monetary donations i have come to a decision that if people would like to insist on offering a monetary charitable donation then please do- but use it to recognise these day to day heroes here in Leeds & my previous heroes in London. Staff with abundant skills that they possess & use in order to get people like me back on my feet with what are long term complex diseases that do not have cures or fixes……& for what many times is a thankless job for them for which they never receive any real recognition or praise! These Doctors, Nurses, HCA’s, Physio’s & OT’s are the real unsung heroes & each & everyone of them needs to be recognised for their talents & expertise……..but not just that- but for going that one step further above & beyond when most Doctors, Nursing Staff & wards wouldn’t.
I can safely say hand on heart my progress would not be as far along as it already is & my sense of humour & fighting spirit wouldn’t still be as in tact or what it is without having these members of staff on hand for continual support:

With that in mind for those that have offered I have 2 charitable donation addresses which I would love for you to consider donating to please- with all of the proceeds going directly to the wards in order to purchase much needed equipment in order to get patients suffering with incurable diseases like myself back on their feet & to recognise the amazing ongoing work that these true professionals do.
Thank you

Ward C2 Charitable fund
C/o Ward C2
Chapel Allerton Hospital
Chapeltown Road

Louise Coote Lupus Unit,
Guys Hospital,
Great Maze Pond,
SE1 9RT”

This is a message to all those that playing an important role in the care of Tracy. Firstly thank you for doing much more than requires of you job-wise. You always go above and beyond.  I know you see it as just the way you are and would do no less, but you do not realise what it means to Tracy and the others you care for.

I have the sniffles now writing this! As i know many a times i have been so thankful for the support i have had in hospital and the care that family and friends have received when they have been in hospital.  This is a shout out to every single person who works in a hospital and cares. YOU ROCK!


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