Isn’t This Pretty! Proud Momma Alert!

When my son Ash (age 10) read that i posted his photograph of the flower he took, he was amazed that 11 people liked it on Facebook. I am so unbelievably proud of my boy. When my health is bad, which most of the time it is, he always makes me smile, he is so smart, and is so caring for other peoples feelings. Recently his dad has been teaching him Computer Games Programming and i have been teaching him Photography and Poetic Form.  He has been supportive with me and my blog writing, curiously everyday asking how many people liked or shared, or what interested to find out what i am going to write about next. I am proud of how well he is going in school. This past year he has not only moved schools, but had to learn a new language and yet he still is getting grade A’s and B’s. He makes me think no matter what is happening in the world, for moments at a time i can step back and see things from his perspective and just bask in this proud Momma moment.

Anyway, this is his photograph, i hope you all love it as much as i do:

Silly time (22)


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