A Book Review: Now Children Poetry (By Geraldine Ward)

I would like to introduce a new children’s poetry book by Geraldine Ward, called “Now Children Poetry.” This book offers a range of beautifully put together poems that both children will love to hear and adults and older children will love to read.  The poems are small insights into magical worlds filled with children and animals.   The sing-song rhyme scheme makes the book both easy and fun to read. I love the use of imagery, especially within this line in “The Wizard’s Wand”:

 “The wizard waves his wand so high.

Creates rabbits in the sky, flowers appear from tissues.”

My favourite poem is “The Martian”. The personification and imagery that is used really brings the poem to life. I also asked my ten year old son to read the poems, here is what he said:  “I really enjoyed some of the poems, they were really thought through. I enjoyed the magic in them. My favourite ones were “The Martian” and “Little Train.” I would want to have this book in my collection one day.”

I thought the art-work was simple in its formation, but sweet. I really like it especially the snowflake symbol and the one that depicts the poem “His First Steps.”

To order this book please visit:



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