Music Review: ELIA, known also as “I Am Really No One”

After a terrible night! Between the mosquitos feasting on me and my family and the howling monstrous wind outside, sleep was not meant to be.   The next morning I was sleep deprived and grumpy. I was sent a song to listen to and with the mood I was in I thought I would hate it!  I was wrong.  This is my first music review in a long time, but a great one to start off with.

Elia, known also as “I Am Really No One” is Italian born and currently living, studying and performing as a soloist and in a group in London.  He doesn’t just sing, he writes and plays the piano. The songs I have listened to so far overall do not fall under one genre. His music is a combo of pop, electro-pop and dance.  The majority of his songs sound like they belong in a musical.  I wonder if he was inspired by musicals such as: The Rocky Horror Show and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar.

The song I first listened to was Rendezvous. The song began with an electro-upbeat sound, followed with very simple yet catchy lyrics. This song had me giggling and for sure put me in a better mood. This is a song you can listen to over and over again and I for sure did so.

I listened to all his songs on SoundCloud.  I usually get a little irritable with different pitches in sound.  I have an un-diagnosed case of Misphonia, which is more common than most realise. I feel musician’s need to take this into account when making music and especially games companies as they are the worse for it.  That aside there were only a few places I got irritated; so thumbs up from me!  The song Perfect Player is an alright song, but I felt there was too much filler; less is more and all that jazz.

In a nutshell this guy as taken the basic workings out of a song from a musical, added some electro-pop sounds and travelled back to the 80’s to bring us something a little different. I am looking forward to hearing future songs.


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