We Need More Buttons to Press!

I love the like button on Facebook! Sometimes though I want to show the person who posted that I have read it, but don’t want people to think I like it!  Sometimes liking it is so far from inappropriate it is wrong. Sometimes I feel a different emotion depending on what’s been posted.  Sometimes I can’t even find the words in order to leave a comment.

So here is a list of changes, well add ons:

1) Dislike button – This button will be for all those posts that are sad, or show abuse of animals, children or the elderly. We can press this button to show we hate it!

2) Read it button – This button will say, yeah I have read it! But I don’t want to share my opinion on the matter!

3) Sympathy button – This button will be for those times when you just cannot find the words to say, but you want to show you are simply there.

4) Support button – This button is to say yes i support this! I support you!

Also what would be good is if you could press multiple buttons at the same time. For example you may like and support it; you may hate it, but support it!



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