Music Review : Anita Pandey

I first heard Anita’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s amazing song “Hallelujah” on Jango. I have the memory of a fish; no exaggeration there! I knew it was a cover as I have heard the likes of Annie Lennox, and Alexandra Burke perform their own versions. I could not remember the original, nor could I remember the lyrics.  I just know their voices grate on me and their versions I simply did not like. However, Bon Jovi singing this song is just beautiful! He could sing a nursery rhyme and it would turn out good.

Personally, I am not a big fan of covers, but I do love Anita’s. It is easy on the ears, with the soft instrumental and her sweet sounding voice complimenting each other.  I hope in the future Anita Pandey performs some original songs, as her voice I find very beautiful, clear, uplifting and kind of sweet in a child-like, whimsical sense.

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