Just Relax and Colour In!

Colouring in is loved by children around the globe. There are millions of pictures to choose from, but of course these are designed for children. However, the new craze hitting stores and homes everywhere is beautiful collections of adult colouring books. These books are intricately designed with lots of detail. So kids hands off!

The finished masterpieces, yes masterpieces as each completed picture is wonderfully designed and takes a lot of time and effort to complete. These completed pictures look good enough to frame. Unless you are me of course, with shaky hands and the inability to complete one picture before getting bored and moving on to the next. This is all new to me though, it has only been a few weeks since I joined the colouring in club.

The books are an aid for relaxation. Colouring in is a therapeutic way to clear your mind and to focus on the task at hand: to colour within the lines and the decision of which colour to use.

I asked a few of my friends to share their words and works:

“I’ve started doing this and I’m loving it! The only thing is I get hand ache lol” Lucy Bowen

“I love them; find them so relaxing while still being able to be creative” Kerrie Croft

kerrie Croft1 kerrie croft2

“That’s my first one. I eased myself in and I loved it. I smoked less too” Kerry Eaton

kerry eaton

“From an adult colouring book hand drawn by a company called Melody Moo” Sally Altass

sally atlass, from melody moo

Imaginative colouring books by Melody Moo can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/MelodyMooNailsJewellery

Others have been inspired to draw:

Drawings by Tammy Weiler:

tammy Tammy2 Tammy3

“I don’t colour but I draw the kind of thing that is in those books. Mostly mandala some animals and flowers too” Ami Jay Foster

ami1 ami2

These girls need to create their own colouring books. I would definitely buy one!

Free colouring pages:






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