Music Review: Salina Solomon

She sings, she writes, she plays all sorts of instruments, including the piano, cello and guitar. I have really enjoyed listening to Salina’s music. Tested and proven by me, that you can listen to her music doing housework, your daily workout or just chilling on the balcony in the sun.

Personally I hate repetition in any song, it sounds like an error with the device it is playing on. I don’t mean repetition like whole verses. I mean repetition as in repeated word or words one after another. A song needs to tell a story, and each word should be of significance to that story.  Salina does this in her song “Nightmare.” The song “Nightmare” is very shaky with the vocals. Like I said though this is my personal preference, others may like it. Saying that this song is only a demo and all the songs on her EP  “Meet Me in London” are amazing!

Salina has the kind of voice that I could listen to all day long, it is kind of country…but not! Good country not Shania Twain cheese, with the added pop ingredient. Her vocals work well to upbeat songs. Her voice is clear and you can understand each word being sung. It is surprising how many songs I have listened to and the outcome sound is similar to a DJ at a party, due to practically eating the microphone.

If I chose my favourite song it would be “She”; that song is just beautifully written and performed.

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