Support Brain Tumour Research, Buy a Hat!


Last week I was invited to like a lovely page.  I saw the cute hat picture and thought it was a sweet idea. As a soon to be auntie again I have constantly been on the lookout for new gifts. I love the whole two bird’s one stone scenario (the meaning behind it, not the actual words.) Children’s hats made by Meg, which are sold on a first come first served basis, were all proceeds are donated to the Cancer charity Brain Tumour Research.

The beginning of 2015 Meg found out the heart-wrenching news that her eldest son had Grade 3 Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma, tumours on the brain. Meg spends her time divided between Highlands of Scotland where she lives and British Columbia Canada where her son lives. Meg wanted to do something to help a Cancer research fund, and with help from other members of the family Megs Hats OFF For Cancer was born.

Quote taken off Meg’s Facebook page:

“Let’s help make these words, words that no family ever have to hear.
Let’s get the money directly where it’s needed, for Brain Tumours,
Let’s get it to Research!”

If you have no use for a hat, then support and raise awareness in other ways by sharing this write up and the links below. Also if you wish you can donate directly to the charity.

Meg’s Facebook Page:

The Charity Brain Tumour Research (Charity No1153487) Facebook Page:


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