All the Small Things! Let’s Say “Pants To Poverty!”

Smalls (Briefs & Bras) are very important for hygiene and health reasons, and to hold all your bits in place.  These pieces of sewn together material are part of our basic needs. Imagine being a girl without them. I know I can’t and don’t want to! I know in modern day society some choose to go without, but for some they simply cannot afford this luxury that we mostly take for granted.  Let’s talk bras!  What do you do with them when they no longer fit, or they are too uncomfortable for you to wear?  You can’t reuse a bra; well you could, but not really. I don’t think wearing a bra as a hat will become a fashion trend somehow, even though I know mine are big enough to do that!  Don’t ask! It’s not like I tried that or anything…  Charity shops and collection points do not accept them. I have donated them anyway, in hope that they will be able to recycle them. I hate to be wasteful.  The bra is an expensive piece to own and it would be a shame to just to put them out with the trash. It is important to get the right fitting bra for you and to be measured properly. Ill-fitting bras can lead to back problems.  I know this all too well.  So when I came across the charity “Smalls for All” that collected unwanted bras and unused briefs to send to women and children in Africa, I was one happy bean.

A little background on the brilliant organisation that is “Smalls For All”:

  • Smalls for All helps those living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps, schools and hospitals.
  • Smalls for All was founded in 2009 by Maria Macnamara. After several trips to Zimbabwe Africa she learned of the problems that women and children face due to the lack of underwear.
  • Smalls for All has helped thousands of women and children, distributing over 97,000 items of underwear.
  • Smalls for All recycle worn bras to fund education in Africa.

Smalls for All collects:

  • New pants – ladies (Size UK 8-16), children’s (age 3-15 years, boys and girls)
  • Bras old and new


For further information and where to send your items please visit:

So sort out your drawers today and send your old bras away

Team up with family and friends and help the shortage of underwear end

Let’s say “PANTS to POVERTY!”


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